Storm Jarrod, 15, has been out of school for 5 weeks because one of her earrings is outside of dress code. They have ordered her to remove the piercing or be put in isolation (hence the reason her mother pulled her out) until she does.


However, the teen and her mother both explain that the piercing helps her with migraines.

“Storm has a stud in her tragus, which alternative medicine proponents argue stimulates nerves under the skin and muscle tissues, which produces endorphins.”1

Her mother Sarize Hill, 42, did some research before getting her daughter the piercing and even got the smallest and least attention-grabbing stud, as well. “She’s not wearing it as a fashion statement, she’s wearing it because it helps her feel better,”1 Hill said.

However, since the health charity, The Migraine Trust, has said there is no evidence that ear piercings work to help headaches, her school wants it out.

Helen Redford-Hernandez, headteacher at Hungerhill School, Doncaster, South Yorks, met with Storm’s mother and will absolutely not allow her back until the tragus piercing has been removed.


Therefore, Hill plans to homeschool her daughter for the foreseeable future.

Mrs. Redford-Hernandez said:

“Hungerhill School has a clear uniform policy which includes a section on the wearing of jewelry. This is published on our website under the section for parents. The policy is understood and followed by the majority of our parents, who are very supportive and understand the need to make sure their children wear our uniform correctly and with pride.

Our belief is that the uniform sets a clear standard of personal appearance and students are expected to comply with the policy at all times. It is with regret that, occasionally, the policy is not adhered to. In this case we may ask students to go home and change or invite parents in for a meeting to resolve the issue.”1

Although Storm has had many appointments with doctors and opticians to try and figure out the cause of her migraines, to date this is the only thing that has worked (she is due to have a sinus operation later in the year that may also help).


Isn’t it a little crazy to keep a child out of school for something this small? Especially if it’s helping her?


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