We could all use a bit of happy news, right? Well, we’ve got some. Last week the well known (and sometimes crude and always blunt) comedian Sarah Silverman was subjected to a bit of sexism and harassment on Twitter and how she responded was brilliant.

Silverman had just tweeted about honestly trying to understand Trump supporters and got a rather disgusting response from a Twitter follower (which you can see below) but what’s most amazing is how she handled it:

At this point, Silverman had two options: respond in kind or respond in love. What happened next is proof that love always wins:

The two continued their conversation with Silverman eventually asking Jamrozy if he was using heroin. Thankfully, he responded, no. She went on to recommend a support group:

See? “I’m sorry I gave u shit.” Love always wins. Always. That doesn’t mean that life is easy or people are always nice but it does mean you can sleep at night and you’ve done what’s right. (And let me tell you, I get it. I get called the C word on a daily basis on Facebook. In fact, I did a video not too long ago where I read all the tweets, “Mean Tweet” style!)

And you could tell Silverman saw a glimmer of hope in the man. She had totally disarmed him by learning about his hurts and responding in kindness:

But that wasn’t enough, she kept going. She used her 12 million Twitter followers and “financial power to find back specialists in San Antonio, Texas, where Jamrozy lives, to treat his slipped disks.” 1She even offered to pay his entire bill:

Within minutes, she had responses from clinics willing to help her new friend Jamrozy and one week later, Jamrozy was able to get an MRI (he had five herniated discs).

Guys, even on social media love wins. It wins everywhere. I can just tell, 2018 is gonna be a banner year!

XO- Erin

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