Sacrificial Virgins Documentary: How the HPV vaccine destroys teens

Chloe Leanne Brookes became ill after her second injection, has suffered a form of paralysis and is now unable to eat and wholly dependent on intravenous fluids, medications and her mother’s care.

Sacrificial Virgins is a documentary series (all three parts are posted below) written and narrated by Joan Shenton and directed by Andi Reiss, about the HPV vaccine.

The film alleges that the HPV vaccine, currently one of the most heavily pushed and popular vaccines, is also one of the worst offenders when it comes to adverse reactions, on a different scale of any other mass-administered vaccine. We would totally agree.


The leading HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, are widely administered, often freely in schools or through national immunization programs. And this, despite the fact that UK government records show that from 2008-2014, reports of adverse events attributed to the HPV vaccine far exceeded reports for any other vaccine, including those on the most common mass vaccination programmes. In fact, by April 2017, there were almost 9,000 reports of adverse reactions, including more than 3,000 “serious” reports. No other vaccine comes close.


Something is going on with this vaccine. It’s not safe and is doing enormous harm to our girls and even boys.


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Erin Elizabeth


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  • KDC

    My granddaughter had that shot and is now experiencing cysts on her ovaries. She’s 21.

  • Lisa Kleinman Wolford

    It appears as though a causal relationship between HPV and cervical cancer has not been established. If, not only is the vaccination unnecessary and dangerous, so must the aggressive treatment of HPV for the prevention of cervical cancer be questioned.

  • Jj

    I’m lacking understanding why mothers continue to inject these girls with information being broadcast daily about the dangers.
    What gives???

  • Scott Tactical

    Swimming downstream is always easier.

    Women are risk adverse. Every choice they make is based on risk (fear) and once you see it that way they make a lot more sense.

    The risk of cultural and social backlash to question the system is stronger and directly related to them whereas if their kid gets sick it’s not on them.

  • Scott Tactical

    My ex got it and a few months after had to have cysts treated.

  • Leah

    Exactly my thoughts!! My own daughter was in that first age group and I refused take her in for the Gardasil shot. Now today, she refuses to have her young daughter injected with these vile concoctions. I did the research back then, she’s doing the research today. WHY are these mothers not researching the dangers? I lack the understanding … and then just weep with the little girls who have had their lives destroyed! 🙁

  • Alleged-Comment

    Even a cursory look at the vaccine and I do not know how ANYONE could fall for it. People trust too much. Trust their doctors too much.

    Take half of what they say as TRUTH and the other half as LIES and take it from there.