Cheap Meat

Animal Cruelty for Cheap Meat

I saw one journalist call the piece provocative and perhaps it is, but it’s also one of the most brutally honest eye opening pieces of the 21st century (at least mainstream) that you will read about the meat you eat. 

Some tell me they don’t want to know the history behind the meat and it’s better not knowing how bad they lived or suffered or even if the meat is diseased (like the article we posted yesterday about the FDA meat inspector having sex with one the top foreman at the factory farm and a massive coverup with four arrests thus far.

So this goes much deeper.

from the RS article:

If you haven’t been in a hen plant, you don’t know what hell is,” says an activist. “chicken shit is piled six feet high, and your lungs burn like you took a torch to ’em.

Delve if you will and read the provocative piece and decide for yourself. I had one read it who said they’d go cold turkey Vegan. Another said she’d eat less meat and only from a local small farmer she knew.  She said “hey it’s a start” and indeed yes, it is.

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