Exciting news! On Monday, Dr Elisha Robinson-Asiso opened, Integrative Healing Center, on Rockford, IL’s east side, about an hour from Chicago.

Dr Robinson-Asiso doesn’t treat diabetes, thyroid issues, high blood pressure or cardiac issues, instead, she focuses on breast cancer patients- the whole patient. Using nutrition programs, ultrasounds, MRIs, thermograms, and genetic screening (and prescription meds, when needed) this Dr is also working on her PhD in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition. Her new office has partnered with several practitioners, “to provide an integrative approach to the treatment of every patient”, according to her website.

The daughter of an herbalist (growing up in Indiana not far from me) she grew up not going to the doctor because her father would treat them himself with different herbs and herbal remedies. So, with that background, she chose medicine as a career- albeit, traditional medicine. She attended the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and became a surgeon who treated breast cancer patients. But, something more was missing.

From the RR Star article:

“When Robinson-Asiso’s patients attend their regular appointments, whether they have breast cancer or some other problem, the doctor and patient go through a series of questions, from the patient’s eating habits to stresses in their lives to their physical activity. Robinson-Asiso said she works with patients to remove the root cause of the disease.

“And then I look them in the eye and say, ‘Look, do you really want this? Because half the battle is what you are going to put into it. I can sit here and you can pay me thousands of dollars to allow me to talk to you until I am blue in the face, but if you don’t make a lifestyle change — it won’t work.’ “

Dr Robinson-Asiso also plans to teach her patients how to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, as she believes their consumption is key to healthy living. She believes that patients are ready for their doctors to show them how to live, to teach them, rather than just throw more drugs at them.

While the current plan is to help patients while they go through a conventional medical approach to their disease, she hopes to assist taking them to the next level by helping with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy (for those who chose to do those methods elsewhere and need support).  And who knows, maybe in the process she will learn about all the natural therapies available and just how much a total change in diet can also heal the body.

To contact the doctor, visit her website: integrativehealingcenter.info.

Source: RR Star