RIP to Another Famous Holistic Manhattan MD

I was hoping we could at least get through the year without losing another holistic MD.

Sadly, with the new year just around the corner, we have lost the beloved and well known Dr. Richard Ash, who practiced in New York City. He was a prominent figure in the community and had been interviewed recently by a few celebrities, which you can see below.

His website (linked below) talks about the alternative therapies that he had researched, including how he weaned himself off the drug prednisone and back to good health.

I have been told a cause of death by a few people, but since this is so recent, I will not share it at this time. I’ll say that there doesn’t appear to be foul play, though it was an unexpected death, and allegedly not cancer/heart disease or anything like that.

I am already receiving messages from those who loved this holistic MD, one who did so much for his patients, whether they were celebrities or young people whose lives he was able to change for the better.

He will be missed by many.

Here is an interview Tracy Anderson did with him. I did a piece on her ages ago as she’s from my neck of the woods  and has an interesting history from jail to being a celebrity trainer to the stars.

Sources: Dr Ash’s website with bio and mutual friends who told me of his death which was announced publicly online.