Gregg Allman dies at 69, but the guitar shaped pool he designed lives on at my funky home

Gregg Allman at the "Crazy Heart" Los Angeles Premiere, Acadamy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills, CA. 12-08-09

Gregg Allman, founder of the Allman Brothers, passed away today at age 69 today in Savannah, Georgia.

Most people don’t realize that Allman grew up rhere in Volusia County, Daytona Beach to be exact. He graduated from the local high school which is literally just down our road at Seabreeze.

He was raised by a single mom here on the East Florida coast after his father was shot to death when Gregg was just two. His father had picked up a hitchhiker as a good samaritan, but sadly the man took his life.

Pool at my funky house designed by Greg Allman that we’re told he swam in many times back in the day

His mother died in Daytona Beach just two years ago at the age of 98.

From the article:

“Before contributing to some of rock’s all-time classic albums, before the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the legendary concert runs at New York’s Beacon Theatre, Gregg Allman was a scuffling teenage garage-band musician in Daytona Beach.”

Without disclosing my address, many articles have been written about Allman’s younger days hanging out at this unique, 2 bedroom abode we bought just before Hurricane Matthew last year in 2016.

We’ve spent months fixing it up (again) many hours a day (and it’s not done yet) but we’re happy to see his pool had little to no damage.

I’m glad it will live on as a memory and tribute, as well as the strings that are strung above it (see video above). We’ll keep it as it has always been and I’ll think of him every time I take a swim in the natural, saltwater, ozone guitar shaped oasis.

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  • jimeagan

    Big Allmans fan going back to 1972 thnx for sharing RIP Greg

  • Carol Bryant

    Wow, my daughter went to Seabreeze and spent a lot of her time surfing across the street. So glad you’re keeping up his house and pool, Erin.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Allman contracted Hepatitis C, and sadly, listened to doctors and chose a damaging chemical regime, instead of taking Oxymatrine, an herb used by the Chinese to CURE Hep C since 1958.

  • Revitalize Holistic Health

    Sitting here in my Daytona Beach backyard listening to Eat a Peach and rejoicing that the Allmans will live forever through their music. Thanks for sharing your home and Gregg’s guitar-shaped pool, Erin – incredibly cool. Love learning the backstory about my favorite musicians and what is now my hometown.

  • Andre Marcouiller

    RIP Gregg

  • Suzy

    Wow, LawrenceNeal, thank you for that reference to Oxynatrine. There are several people I can recommend it to. It is very sad that celebrities almost always go with conventional medicine, which does way more harm than healing. RIP Gregg.

  • LawrenceNeal
  • joelfarm

    What a great piece of Americana history and yes, please keep a low(er) profile about it, for all of the fantastic fans that he had, in these crazy days, there are many insane individuals out there. You are right to be proud and it is a priceless treasure that you have there! Gregg Allman will rock on forever in our hearts!!

  • Aww that is awesome! Yes, I want to find some pictures of him in it if i can! : ) Enjoy and rip to Gregg 🙁 Daytona has produced some pretty great things in its time and the music he produced? Priceless xo

  • Very cool Erin, thanks for sharing! RIP Greg…