Bio Containment Facilities

Bio Containment Facilities in Texas

Rick Perry announces opening Bio Containment centers for people with Ebola that are State of the Art.  Containment Centers- those 2 words scare me.

It might sound like something out of a sci fi movie, but this is legit. Governor Rick Perry of Texas (click his name for recent article we wrote on his felony charges)  has announced these new “State of the Art” containment facilities to er…contain anyone or everyone with ebola.

Somehow I think if they put me in one I wouldn’t be happy whether it was state or the art or not.  Sad that the 2 nurses at the hospital wrapped from head to toe and in hazmat suits caught Ebola from Thomas Eric Duncan, but his extended family (his wife to be her son, teenagers etc) were sharing a bathroom with him and  all spent the 3 weeks in quarantine and hunky dory and no Ebola. No hazmat suits, all exposed to his fluids (it can last days on a door knob- and let’s not even think about the bathroom and sharing a toilet)  So just more mysteries.

Anyway back to the scary containment centers (that almost sounds like a concentration camp or a detention center doesn’t it?) Well Rick sounds mighty excited to announce these new additions to the big state of Texas where everything is larger than life.

Gov. Rick Perry today announced the creation of a state-of-the-art Ebola treatment and infectious disease bio containment facility in North Texas. Creation of such facilities was among the first recommendations made by the governor’s recently named Texas Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response in order to better protect health care workers and the public from the spread of pandemic diseases.

In addition to the North Texas facility, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has also been designated an Ebola treatment and infectious disease bio containment facility.

Yikes. 1984 anyone?

For some reason containment centers sound a bit too much like concentration camps or detention centers or a scary little comb of the two.

Just keeping my folks up to date. Remember, don’t be scared, but heck, be prepared.


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