Exotic Animal Skin Hermes Handbags

Exotic Animal Skin Hermes Handbags

Yes that’s right. Wealthy women are paying up to 60,000 US Dollars for their Hermes purses which are made from the skins of exotic animals.  Now they’re complaining because these purses made from skinned innocent exotic animals are smelling like skunk and marijuana.

I cannot help but think it’s a little karma payback from the exotic animals who lost their lives for an overpriced hand bag.

I get compliments every day on my favorite handbag. It was around 100 dollars and worth every penny.  It’s recycled soda pop/beer tabs and I get MORE compliments on this hand bag than I’ve gotten on everything else in my life. Combined! There isn’t a day goes by that some man or woman doesn’t stop me and ask me where I got my handbag.  I just added a link to my Health Nut News Shop page  (Scroll to bottom of page!)  since I get so many questions on it. If you scroll to the bottom you’ll see a recycled handbag with links to more. Most people especially like the “pop top” bag. I don’t sell them. I just provide links on Amazon where other people do.

I have another one that was made in Japan (fair trade- that I actually bought in Hawaii) that is a beautiful bright purple pattern and cost me 20 dollars. It has pockets on the side and can be put in the wash.  I don’t tend to go for the boring handbags that all look alike like Hermes or Louis Vuitton. I prefer something different… unique.

The third one I get almost as many compliments on is an old mini wooden birdcage made into a purse.  Oh and I forgot about the fourth one which is made out of recycled magazines! Ok I’ll take a picture of all of them together and post it below. I want to give alternatives for my readers. These hand bags are so much better and who wants to pay 60,000 US dollars for stinky exotic leather? Not me!

We cannot forget the oversized bag I bring to carry home my groceries from the store which is made out of individually wrapped hand made recycled candy wrappers. I’ve included a photo here and all are pictured except the purple bag which is, alas, in the wash!  : )


If this was truly a dirty batch of leather like the article suggest, I’ve read countless articles on contaminants you could be rubbing off into your skin. Next time I’d stick with cruelty free recycled garb instead. Much more fun and a definite head turner!

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