Breaking: Renowned Holistic Doctor Found Stabbed to Death in Her Palo Alto Home


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It is with heavy hearts that we announce yet another death in our tragic unintended series of holistic doctor deaths. In one short year, there have been over 50 deaths.

A well known holistic doctor/acupuncturist’s body was recently found inside her upscale Creekside Drive home, Palo Alto police confirmed on Tuesday. Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office found the cause of death to be multiple stab wounds on the autopsy, officials said.


From the article:

“The body of Jenny Shi, 65, was found Thursday evening when a family member went looking for her at the home Shi owned on Creekside Drive, behind Cubberley Community Center. Detectives were still processing the crime scene Tuesday afternoon on the street, which is lined with Eichler-style homes.”

Shi, who had “business connections around the world”, (according to the SF Gate) owned several acupuncture clinics in the Bay Area, including one on Castro Street in Mountain View.

She also worked as an executive with Keiretsu Forum, an angel investment and venture capital firm and was not only a renowned acupuncturist but a business woman as well.


“Police department officials said they have no significant leads but noted there is no major threat to the community” (yeah, right—just a killer on the loose—why do they always say that?).

“In a city that averages fewer than one homicide a year, the gruesome crime in one of its quiet neighborhoods has left residents shaken.”

“It’s a real family-oriented, pleasant neighborhood,” said Robert Adams, who has lived in the area two years. “Homicides are not normal.”

So often these crimes happen in areas where a person (let alone a holistic doctor) hasn’t been killed for years. Then suddenly alas, there is a murder, yet no one seems willing to even entertain the idea of connecting the dots (if they can be connected).

Rick Barr has lived on Creekside Drive near Shi’s home for 25 years and had this to say:

“We were shocked at what happened here,” said Barr, who was home Thursday night when police began investigating Shi’s death. “I was here when this all was coming down, and I watched with shock. It was upsetting.”

Wang, a 79-year-old former professor said she has lived in the Greenmeadow neighborhood for 31 years. When Shi moved four doors down from her on Creekside Drive some 21 years ago, Wang sought her help with her husband’s arthritis.

It’s amazing already, the emails pouring in about what a great doctor she was and how she helped thousands of people over the span of her amazing career, before her life was suddenly taken by an unknown murderer.

Wang said the neighborhood has a lot of Chinese families who often chat in their 50s Eichler style homes, but Shi was not one to socialize so much:

“I talked to her last time almost 20 years ago,” Wang said. “She was not around often, did not talk to neighbors very often.” She noted that Shi seemed “very busy” because she was running her clinic(s) and did not “have long to talk.”

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the city’s 24-hour dispatch center at 650-329-2413 or  Perhaps some may want to send them the holistic doctor death series full article and timeline 50 +holistic doctor deaths in a year– including her own local colleagues in California!

Anonymous tips can be emailed to, sent via text message or voice mail to 650-383-8984, or submitted through the Palo Alto Police Department’s free mobile app, which can be downloaded at or

Source: SF Gate

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  • Jlkep

    So is the FBI investigating to see if there are similarities with these murders?At this point, why wouldn’t there be an investigation to see if these deaths are related? waht reason do they give for not looking into it??

  • Julie Nicholls

    I can’t believe that the FBI is not all over the deaths of these doctors. It really makes you wonder what is going on in America. Not a place I want to visit. RIP Dr. Shi.

  • Curious about Satanism

    Probably because the guilty party and the FBI are cousins in some capacity.

  • Gregory

    Whoever is murdering those doctors is doing the exact opposite of what they wanted to do. Those murdered doctors are bringing more attention to their discoveries than if they were not murdered.

    Everyone knows its paid killers by big pharma that are carrying this all out. Its backfiring on them though. More people are awake and aware now more than ever.

  • yes mainstream refuses to cover it but i’m glad i am. Because sadly, no one else will except a few sites kind enough to share my humble articles : ( All very sad.

  • Peter Reed

    so sorry to hear this. what a lovely contribution she was for the world

  • Celeste Rogers

    She wasn’t a doctor.

  • Trent Wiseman

    I hope you guys are demanding to know how this is being investigated, who’s on the case and what is being done about it

  • Luccim

    Maybe they were busy investigating Hillary and then to not bring any charges? Really makes one wonder. Why even have FBI if they’re not going to do anything or even worst, harass innocent farmers like they’ve done in the past ?

  • Diego Molina

    Most probably is just somebody who had his life ruined by this kind of therapy and is trying to avoid that this happens to more people.

  • Caroline Rogers

    how do you know they are NOT looking into it? Are you privy to every case that lands on their desk???

  • Caroline Rogers

    of course she is . . . anyone who argues that doesn’t know anything about holistic medicine

  • amanda

    People need to call in ad request the FBI investigate. You need to tip them off, provide articles.

  • LadyforLiberty2012

    Erin, I tried to send an email with the link to your unintended series to the email address you gave,, but the email was kicked back as undeliverable..

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    The job of the FBI has ALWAYS been to cover up government crimes.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    Yeah! Like they looked into the JFK murder!

  • Falcon101

    If they claim there’s “No threat to the community” they must know this was a targeted killing otherwise, if this were a random crime, there would certainly be a threat to the community, but the liars know no bounds.

  • desertspeaks

    the police have no leads because they are paid to ignore the truth.. who has motive to get rid of holistic doctors?? hmm who could it be?? who stands to lose hundreds of billions of dollars if people stop using the poisons created by the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY?
    Hmmm who would have such motive?? who could it possibly be??

  • Bill F Smoothma

    TURNABOUT IS FOUL PLAY! Anybody with a vaxxed kid made autistic should handle this.

  • knifemare69

    It doesn’t matter if they ARE looking into it – the killer will not be prosecuted because the evidence of ‘bad intent’ won’t be there according to the FBI.

    They let Hillary skate on her email server to get out of Freedom of Information Act requests, what makes YOU think those FBI scumbags care about prosecuting people who kill doctors?

  • Gooie

    Watch your back Erin, your articles are very powerful…love and light

  • janem1276

    You are correct, acupuncturist does not equal doctor. Some states allow naturopaths to practice, hence they could be called a doctor in those states, but if she’s just an acupuncturist, she could in no way, shape or form be called a doctor.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    Yeah sure, the news is littered with people damaged by holistic doctors.
    Diego, your pants are on fire.

  • Janet. You need to read up on doctors of acupuncturists. Even mainstream called her a doctor. Here’s an article from a University that does DOCTOR of acupuncture. All the acupuncturists I work with are doctors of acupuncture. I’ve had 2 work on me the last 2 days due to my accident I’m healing from (clear trip cord)

  • Weird that is straight from mainstream news article. Let me try myself and see what i can do.

  • We’ve had holistic doctors write CERTIFIED letters to the FBI asking why no investigation but no answers yet : ( A little birdie did tell me though that the feds are investigating FINALLY or at least listening.


    Goodbye America, Hello, dictatorship of the wealthy. Soon the FBI will be in charge of murdering anyone who threatens the profits of big business.

  • dennisandconniegomez

    our Nation is so sin sick!

  • Dana Dunagan Waldrop

    Maybe we should act by sending these to all the media, bombarding them with posts from us… also every time a child is harmed or murdered by vaccines, we should do the same. Asking them why they refuse to cover these events.

  • SaveAmerica1776

    Always a safe-house here in Omaha, for you.

  • Brian Nahan

    She was a human being.

  • Valerie Van Pelt

    Would you please always state the date of the murder for clarification?

  • Someone’s systematically eradicating true healers. Go suck on your chemo, since it ‘works’. You know-nothing cheaply skeptic conformist dead-heads, you’re all already beyond any kind of healing but madcap pills as cheerfully prescribed by Big Pharma and the rest of the villains. And yes, you guys serve your perverse masters most excellently, kudos to all ignorance and the filth you’re all being made of. Sincerely, fuck you.

  • Who are you to tell, fuckhead? She was killed. MURDERED. What the fuck are you trying to say? It was justified? And who are ‘doctors’? Western medicine pawns on Big Pharma pay list? West is the pest, since ever, and until the end of itself. Because of such morally biased low lives like you …

  • She was what she was, a kind and helpful soul with a few neat healing trick up her sleeve, and you’re a dumbfucked poorly educated ignorant dead head conformist, good for nothing subhuman trash. So the ‘state’ decides what heals and what doesn’t? You people are not worthy the air you breathe, fuckin’ fascists.

  • Tyghe

    Do you have a list of the names of these 50 people murdered in the last year?
    Even a partial one.
    I’d love to find more information.

  • Tyghe

    Nevermind, I see the link

  • Celeste Rogers

    I wouldn’t think that the FBI would be interested in these unrelated deaths.

  • Celeste Rogers

    Got love this classy reply. Ignorance personified.

  • Celeste Rogers

    Since these events have been reported in the media, what in the world are you talking about?

  • Gwen Deanne

    My former acupuncturist is a doctor. She is a doctor of Oriental medicine. Went to school and got her doctorate.
    My current acupuncturist is not a doctor, she has a master’s degree, which the majority have.

  • Caroline Rose

    er slightly dramatic way to go about it !! … 50 doctors ????

  • dylan dougal

    Yes another Giant Pharmaceutical Cartel MURDER.

  • Margalo

    We should bombard the major media with these murders, because they will not pick them up and connect the dots from local media. These murders have occurred outside of big cities, and those smaller police/sheriff’s departments tend to have officers little or no training in detective skills. That make is very easy to get away with a “random” killing anywhere.

    In order to be effective, someone with some standing should write an expose and send it out to all the big media outlets.

  • Margalo

    I just looked up Celeste Rogers’ posts. It is clear that she is a negative troll on more than this site. She has made posts mocking others’ posts on every subject and seems to be just a person with nothing to offer but her own negative ego.

  • Akamaigeek

    I really dislike woo, so I try to discourage it. And whenever I visit this site my endpoint protection software warns me that it is blocking content that is potentially dangerous or suspicious. So be careful on this healthnutnews site. Apparently there are other nutty things here, too.

  • David McGee

    There were several Homeopathic, Holistic Doctors that died Mysteriously, Supposedly committed suicide, murdered or just disappeared. They were researching the Childhood immunization shots, and a connection to an enzyme that destroyed a certain part of the DNA that naturally cured or prevented cancer.

  • waltinseattle

    if 50 docs have died in a year, suppose you list them all so we can run some whats the odds stats instead of inane lines like “areas where a person (let alone a holistic doctor) hasn’t been killed for years. Then suddenly alas, there is a murder, yet no one seems willing to even entertain the idea of connecting the dots (if they can be”


    gimme 50 names, lets do some odds.

    it never seems to cross any minds that a distraught client takes extreme prejudice out on the presumed cause of their non recovery?

    me: name @ gmail
    you: list of 50

  • Hi David. Yes I authored the series starting with the first- Dr Bradstreet. I’ve done tv shows , radio , from left side to right – anything to get the truth out there. FYI that rumor started by the salesmen ? Not all were working with GcMAF. Just a heads up : ) My better half, dr Mercola, and I know many of the families personally

  • Walt in Seattle,
    I’m sorry about your reading comprehension (or lack thereof) But if you’d actually READ the article you’d see I not only mention the 50+ names but say click HERE to read about them. Oh and that was 50 as of Father’s Day on the 1 year Anniversary of the death of our beloved Dr Bradstreet (they are close family friends) Since Father’s day? We’re at well over a half dozen more deaths- all holistic doctors- all sudden shocking deaths (I don’t include cancer etc) That would be almost 60 now. Here’s the link since you cannot seem to see it in the short easy to read, clear as day, link above. By all means, run all the numbers you want. The reason my better half, Dr Mercola, and I knew many of them is this is a tiny tight knit community. Probably 1% of the regular doctors in the USA and Canada. Erin

  • Diego Molina

    I just have a relative that had his baby girl’s life ruined.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    Hi Diego, Please indicate what holistic treatment she was given. I’m curious what natural cure would “ruin” a childs life

  • Diego Molina

    Any cure that ignores the real illness telling the parents that “every child have their own development process”. Months without a real treatment can ruin anybody’s life, not just a child’s.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    Still waiting for the name of the holistic treatment that ruined a babies life?

  • Diego Molina

    He is an anthroposophic medic and was telling my relative that her baby girl was “OK”, that she was developing a little later than usual. “That’s normal”. The baby girl was two years old and still not walking or talking! After being looked upon by real doctors, they found out she was allergic to a lot of different types of food. Before that, I witnessed a crisis where she passed out, with her mouth full of red inflammations, after a very difficult meal where she didn’t want to eat and rejected everything. We thought she was going to die at the moment and I called my father (which is a psychiatrist but, as all psychiatrists, has real doctor education) and he recognized the allergic reaction at once.
    You need years and years of education to be able to do good guesses about the conditions of a patient. Even after eleven years of study and training, doctors make mistakes. Two to four years of study (what an holistic doctor studies) are not going to give you that knowledge and mistakes ARE going to happen. An holistic doctor stabbed should not be surprise, at all.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    Was the child vaccinated recently? Are you aware that mistake by doctor and hospitals are the #3 killers of American’s. We have the most expensive healthcare in the world and worst in the western world. Yes, doctors are good for some things, but fail miserably in others. Thank you for sharing your story.