Nikke Whitman is a mother of three and a professional photographer who specializes in images of all things baby: pregnancy, births, and families. But last year when a close friend was struggling with breastfeeding (as many women do) she realized she was missing that aspect of life. Bottlefeeding is still feeding and for those women who cannot breastfeed, it’s beautiful, too. 1

“As breastfeeding had become a subject of celebration and derision, a feat that some moms recorded in gloriously lit, deeply personal images, bottle feeding was in the background. Until Whitman began to watch it closely, feeding a baby with a bottle seemed mostly a matter of convenience or, in some moms’ experiences, a shameful sign of failure.
From behind her camera, Whitman noticed the sweet, quiet calm a bottle could give a happy mother and satisfied baby, and the way older siblings eagerly awaited their turn to bond with a new arrival. She saw that dads reveled in a chance to nourish their children and that some babies showed their spark by swatting milk from the hands of their caregivers and proudly holding their bottles on their own.” 2

Whitman still shoots photos of nursing moms and understands that there are benefits to breastfeeding. She also firmly believes that women should be able to comfortably nurse anywhere they want. But she wants families who bottle feed to feel confident and celebrated too, especially those who have been feeling disappointment, fear or shame. 3

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