Read to your baby

Read to your baby

The NY Times has a great piece about reading to your baby from the time he or she is born.

From the article

With the increased recognition that an important part of brain development occurs within the first three years of a child’s life, and that reading to children enhances vocabulary and other important communication skills, the group, which represents 62,000 pediatricians across the country, is asking its members to become powerful advocates for reading aloud, every time a baby visits the doctor.

Our holistic doctors have been recommending this for generation. In fact, several take it one step further and recommend reading to the baby in the womb as well.  My birth mother (who I found through a book of poetry she wrote about giving me up) said that she sang to me and played the guitar against her belly and swam with me in a lake. “How you will love water and music” she wrote.  Oh, and how she was right :)

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