Thanks to the soy-based plastics that are now being used in cars to make them “greener,” rats and other critters are essentially eating at a free buffet when new car owners turn their cars off at the end of the day.

And before you think rats couldn’t possibly chew through steel, think again.

“There have been class action lawsuits in California, targeting Toyota for similar issues. And AAA repair centers have noticed that strange trend cropping up as well. And all with newer cars.

‘While advances in car construction can be beneficial to the environment, there may also be unforeseen consequences such as making your car more appetizing to rodents,’ AAA spokesperson Tracy Noble said in a statement.”1

According to Brian Kabateck, an LA-area attorney currently dealing with Toyota Motors over the issue, the vehicle companies are responsible for the damages and customers should be compensated for costs. However, most insurers and warranty companies won’t cover damage from rodents or other animals.

Toyota told the Detroit Free Press, “Rodent damage to vehicle wiring occurs across the industry, and the issue is not brand- or model-specific. We are currently not aware of any scientific evidence that shows rodents are attracted to automotive wiring because of alleged soy-based content.”2

While it is admirable that companies attempt to use greener materials, something needs to be done.

Have you had any problems with this? Do you think the auto companies are responsible to cover the costs of rodent damage?

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