Rally held in Poplar Bluff, MO for VA whistleblowers


Dr. Dale Klein a Veterans Affairs whistleblower, was fired on May 12th for speaking up about what’s happening, specifically what kind of care veterans are NOT getting, at the John J Pershing VA Medical Center. And on that same day, a number of veterans gathered at a Poplar Bluff strip mall to support him and other Veterans Affairs whistleblowers.

Dr. Klein was hired to the medical center in May of 2015 to start a pain management clinic. However, he says that shortly after he started it became obvious that he wasn’t getting the support needed from his chain of command. Klein says, “After I see a patient, I put together a comprehensive rehab program which may include referral to a physical therapist. So, my chain of command told me, excuse me…ordered me not to make any of these recommendations because the veterans were already waiting too long to have these referrals made.”


He brought other issues to his superiors but their response was to silence him by putting him on administrative leave with pay and close the clinic. (To recap, he was going to work to sit in a small room at the John J. Pershing VA Medical Center and collect his $250,000 a year salary. All on the taxpayer’s dime.)

When contacted, a VA spokesperson issued the following statement:

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognizes the importance of all employees, to include whistleblowers, who identify problems that impede the optimal delivery of care and services to Veterans.

“Whether they bring the issues to their leadership, notify the VA Office of Inspector General (either attributed or anonymously), or voice their concerns via any other mechanism they choose, these employees provide important information and flag issues for VA leadership.

“VA’s expectation is that each of these flagged issues will be reviewed and if necessary, corrected. Due to on-going investigations, VA cannot comment on specific cases. VA does not tolerate any sort of retaliation against those who identify problems.

“If evidence emerges that employees, to include whistleblowers, have been treated unfairly for identifying important problems, immediate disciplinary actions will be taken against those who retaliate against them.”

Curious about complaints filed against the hospital or Dr. Klein since 2015, a Freedom of Information Act was filed. It took more than two months to get that information and when it arrived everything on the 60 pages they sent had been redacted.

Thankfully, U.S. Senator’s Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have no called on the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin to fully investigate claims of improper care at the John J. Pershing Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Poplar Bluff, to cease any retaliation against Dr. Klein, and for certain questions to be answered no later than 5 p.m. on May 17th.

More from the article:

“There is no excuse for retaliation against VA whistleblowers like Dr. Klein,” said Senator Ron Johnson. “The President’s recent executive order makes that abundantly clear. The VA should fully comply with the Committee’s request and stop the retaliation against Dr. Klein, who was only trying to expose substandard patient care.”

We will watch this story and update you with any additional information. Our veterans give their very lives for us. It is utterly disgraceful that when they come home they have to fight to get the healthcare they earned and deserve.


Source: KFVS

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