One of the most disturbing studies on the real health effects of nuclear power on exposed populations has been published, and it indicates that this archaic form of power creation is causing cancers in our most vulnerable populations: children.

A few years back a study was published that child Leukemia doubles near nuclear power plants in France,  yet most folks were blasé about the frightening facts.  Even Reuters and national news covered it (as is the source for the link above) though people living near nuclear plants with children (with whom I talked) seemed mildly concerned, if at all. I have numerous cousins who have had child Leukemia and you guessed it, all lived near a nuclear facility. Granted that’s anecdotal but the published studies are not.

The Evidence: Causing Child Leukemia

Now evidence has been published that (big surprise) it’s not just in France. Nuclear plants are a likely cause of Child Leukemia with every nuclear power plant around the world when radioactive spikes occur.

The Ecologist’s says:

When nuclear reactors are refueled, a 12-hour spike in radioactive emissions exposes local people to levels of radioactivity up to 500 times greater than during normal operation, writes Dr. Ian  Fairlie. The spikes may explain infant leukemia increases near nuclear plants – but operators provide no warnings and take no measures to reduce exposure.

The article goes as far as to say that Nuclear operators should inform locals when they intend to open up their reactors and only do so at night when their winds are going out to sea. But this isn’t happening.

I was honored to be listed as sharing a story with Sayer Ji at which he did on the Turkey Point facility here in Florida where they were literally in hot water.

Radiation Causing Child Leukemia

From the GreenMedInfo article:

The most concerning evidence was raised by Erin Elizabeth, founder of HealthNutNews, who reported and documented last week that the closest radiation monitor to the Turkey Point station was the highest in the country at 100, which is close to ALERT level – the highest parameter on the scale of concern (as per the only publicly supported, independent real-time radiation monitoring site This data would indicate some radioactive source above and beyond background radiation is responsible.

So we’ve got levels off the charts (at 100!) right here in Florida and hey, it’s in the water too kids, yet no one seems overly concerned. At least it sounds promising that the Ecologists said scientists are concerned with the info, but what are they or the US and other governments going to do about it?

The Ecologist goes on to say:

On 23rd August, The Ecologist published very clear evidence of increased cancers among children living near nuclear power stations around the world, including the UK.

The story sparked much interest on social media sites, and perhaps more importantly, the article’s scientific basis (published in the academic peer-reviewed scientific journal the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity) was downloaded over 500 times by scientists.

Given this level of interest and the fact that the UK government is still pressing ahead with its bizarre plans for more nuclear stations, we return to this matter – and examine in more detail an important aspect which has hitherto received little attention: massive spikes in radioactive emissions from nuclear reactors.

I’m not one to want push a huge amount of government regulations (though it seems most are pushed on individuals while large corporations (or in this case nuclear plants) seem to be able to do as they please. The mere fact they don’t have to inform the locals when they intend to open up their reactors and spikes occur is pretty outrageous. But then whose to say it would even be enforced if a law were put into place?  My advice? Don’t live near a reactor facility. One of the reasons I moved away from them.

We hope to do a future piece including a quote from friend and nuclear physicist  Dr. Mark Wayne Paris. He’s been warning me for years how dangerous old these nuclear plants are here in Florida.  It’s time to make some changes. And fast.

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