(Wow, so honored. I interviewed the organizer Michael Defilippi and another well-known activist and attendee, Trish Sheldon, the night before the event! You all shared it far and wide too and it made the front of CBS NEWS! Check it out!)

Folks, thanks in part to your help, we got the spraying delayed for one more day. While it won’t stop the spraying- at least not right now- we bought ourselves more time to warn people. They are spraying the heck out of Miami with Naled (Dibrom- morbid spelled backward) and MANY other cities around the nation.

It’s banned in all European nations, and my friends there ask what is wrong with our government here?

Remember guys, Florida Governor, Rick Scott, (WHO OWNS STOCK IN MOSQUITO SPRAY COMPANIES!) has the final ruling and he’s all about spraying (and all about the money).

Watch the CBS NEWS video above first and keep spreading the word.

Maybe a miracle will happen, but if it doesn’t, at least we’ve raised awareness and are helping to open other peoples’ minds now that we’ve been on the national news!