Prominent NY Holistic Doctor Found Dead of Alleged Suicide


It is with a heavy heart that I break this tragic news of another doctor death. This time it is a prominent holistic doctor who practiced in Long Island, New York. His website video actually calls him a “leading physician of the world”, and his patients are posting on my Facebook page (and sending emails) that they don’t believe it was suicide.

Dr. Alex Shvartsman, was a well known holistic dentist AND an ND (a Naturopathic Doctor). He was found dead this past weekend at his home and allegedly took his own life. It’s not unusual for many in this sad, unintended series to have multiple degrees as a doctor. This well loved doctor was a dentist and an ND, while others were MDs and PhDs or DCs with PhDs, and so on.

Dr. Schvartsman’s patients who have written are still in disbelief.  His staff also sounded as if they were still in shock, but I didn’t ask them to elaborate on the matter.

Our heart goes out to his friends and family. Multiple biographies list him as having a wife and young child (his patients confirm he had been married with a son). We will withhold those names from this article. Besides being an ND, Dr. Schvartsman practiced mercury and drill free dentistry (we can’t even find a dentist in Florida who does drill free).

We’ll update you as more details unfold, but suggest you read the recap and full timeline on all forty plus deaths in the Unintended Holistic Doctor Series. Among the dead is one other holistic dentist (we don’t believe he was an ND though) who was found dead on the side of the road; he was in his early 40s and in amazing shape. His close friend/patient/ fraternity brother reports he ate extremely healthfully and it just didn’t add up.

Of course countless other deaths don’t add up either, and there are multiple families of these prominent holistic doctors (several others in New York, as well) who have either questioned the death of their loved ones publicly, hired private investigators (with more hiring firms every month), or questioned the deaths privately, and we respect their privacy.

Again, I will keep you updated and wish for all holistic doctors (including my better half of 7 years) to stay safe.

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You can read the doctor’s bio and see his website here. 

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • LindaMC

    This is despicable and you drug companies will not win because people are waking up to the fact that most of your poisonous drugs that you call healing drugs don’t work. There are some good doctors out there, but the drug companies won’t let them do what is right. Which is “Do no Harm”.

  • Jessica Coco

    Very interesting video. My mother didn’t breast feed me either. At 2 months of age, I was so allergic to Similac and milk products, my mother began to feed me solid food; including pieces of steak. I had beautiful teeth. That is until the dental professional ruined my health as an adult with amalgam fillings, but that’s another story. The medical profession is out of control murdering holistic doctors who influence so few in our population. This is a good reason why we need to get rid of capitalism. As long as there is a profit margin, the medical profession will continue to keep people suck and deny them true care in order to have repeat or continued customers.

  • Debra

    All non traditional doctors should be on ‘high alert’ as big pharma and big corporations (like hospitals) are killing off the competition and especially killing those who ‘cure’ cancer and find links between autism and vaccines. Big pharma does not want cures they want people dependent upon their medications that cure nothing. Take your meds everyday, but don’t look to see if there’s a cure made by nature…..God no! The medical industry is a HUGE money making machine that kills. I won’t even go to a doctor and I refuse to go to a hospital as I’ve witnessed my own fathers murder there……nurses following orders to kill! Evil abounds in the hospitals as they train new murderers! Shot in the arm or shot in the head either way you’re dead. Again….HIGH ALERT for holistic doc and anyone not in the big pharma game!!

  • Falcon101

    The paranoia of the big Pharmaceutical Corporations has gotten out of control!
    They are so afraid that the truth of true healing will spread that they now feel the need to kill all holistic healers to prevent this truth from reaching the general population. There IS alternative healing for all major and minor diseases and big pharma is scared to death that they will lose this big money trap that only keeps you sick so they can keep you coming back for more poisons so they can issue you more poisons to make you incrementally sicker until you die.

    Welcome to reality folks.

  • Chickie

    Hi Debra.
    I, too, have witnessed the attempted murder of my father in the hospital (the nurse) and then he was eventually murdered 2 years later, when he had to go back, while I wasn’t there to prevent it.
    They moved him out of ICU into the regular area and I suddenly felt that they would murder him there. Exactly1 week later (on the 7th day) they did it.
    Before my dad’s murder, was my uncle whom they refused food and water.
    Many years later the same thing was done to his wife. I saw both right near the end. They both died of dehydration and no food.
    All 3 family members were murdered at different facilities and all within 1 decade. You are so right.
    This has been going on for decades now.

  • Chickie

    I hope the family themselves takes a close look at his body and looks for a needle mark on his neck and elsewhere. Then they’ll know who did it and who to go after.

  • Hildy_K

    Initionally, we have the rockefellers to blame for what over decades and decades they have created through the medical industry and the synthetic pharmaceutical drug runners. They are killing machines, not healing machines.

    What an amazing human being Dr. Shvartsman was. Untimely, and I don’t believe the cause AT ALL.

  • Debra

    My father was in ICU and for three days with no food, no water, and the nurses there had never heard of a vitamin C drip! He’d had a small stroke (the lowest on their scale) and they gave him too many blood thinners and caused a brain bleed. He was recovering from all of that and then they moved him out of the ICU and somewhere during the move they put a DNR on him and when I asked them to remove the morphine drip as they’d given him 20+ mg in less than 5 hrs, the nurse came in and OD’d him on the morphine right in front of me, then they called the cops cause I was doing CPR to try and save him, then they lied on his death certificate and said it was pneumonia! I’ll never go to a doctor or hospital again. Can’t trust any of them. The ‘obama death panels’ are here!!

  • Rhino23

    I don’t see a real motive as only the more affluent can pay for “holistic”(pay with cash) doctors.

  • ellie

    I agree I don’t see a conspiracy here. Dr. S was a great dentist. I’m so sorry he passed away I was shocked to here of this terrible news 🙁

  • Busexec

    The purpose of the medical system is to cause the most pain and suffering and asset-strip the family, that archons feed on and khazarians profit from. They will not allow cures. The NDs killed off last year were using a cheap cure for cancer. The source of the cure was shut down at the same time.

    If you look at corporate boards, notice all the khazarian names on it. They make sure the program is followed. There’s your conspiracy.

  • petes

    what is your email