On Thursday, just in time for Christmas, President Trump made hemp cultivation and sale legal nationwide when he signed the Farm Bill. This action now “paves the way for a growing industry that includes cannabidiol oil,”1 something we are certainly very happy about. (Hemp has a much lower level of THC.)


In fact, we love CBD oil so much, we have our very own brand of organic, Made in America, CBD (with and without hemp for those of you who have allergen issues with hemp) oil products. Click here for more info.

And not only does CBD oil have medicinal uses but it can also be used in food, textile and building material applications. 


“The farm bill reauthorizes agriculture and conservation programs at a rough cost of $400 billion over five years or $867 billion over 10 years. Negotiations had stalled initially over Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program funding and whether there should be added work requirements for people to receive the benefits. Ultimately, the bill did not add work requirement changes, but the Agriculture secretary promised to implement regulations through another means.”2

For far too long hemp has been illegal and given the same classification as Heroin, which is utterly ridiculous. So this is a step in the right direction. Now, all that’s left to do is legalize cannabis at the federal level.


But hey, this is progress and we will take it!


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