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Watch the new documentary: Genetically Modified Children

Watch the new documentary: Genetically Modified Children

GENETICALLY MODIFIED CHILDREN is the first documentary to detail the unholy alliance between big tobacco’s Philip Morris, and big agriculture’s Monsanto, exploiting generations of impoverished Argentinian farmers and causing devastating disease and disability among their children. Medical specialists have linked exposure to the herbicide Roundup among some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable workers growing tobacco for cigarette giant Philip Morris, to permanent damage to the human genome. With clusters of cancers and birth defects, a US-based legal team has taken on the David vs Goliath battle against these corporations to seek justice for these exploited families and their genetically modified children.


(At this time the documentary is not free to watch but it is affordable and a must see. Please feel free to share this story and these clips with your friends and family. We need to continue to speak out against what’s being done to our world and our children. XO- Erin)

I RECEIVE NO MONEY OR ANYTHING AT ALL FOR PROMOTING THIS. I just think people should be aware. 

Released by Los Angeles based Cinema Libre Studio and directed by Stephanie Lebrun and Juliette Igier, the film takes viewers into the battlegrounds of poor tobacco farming families in Argentina, whose children are suffering. One such child, 17-year-old William Nuñez, is nonverbal, unable to walk, and fed via a gastrostomy peg into his stomach, which his family struggles to afford to maintain for him.

Professor Hugo Gomez Demaio, MD, Head of Neurosurgery at the Pediatric Hospital of Posadas, and Professor Mario Barrera, MD, Neurosurgeon at the Medical School of Nordeste, are two of the doctors dedicated to highlighting and treating the link between glyphosate exposure and DNA damage.

“Even if the entire local environment is contaminated, it does not mean that all children will become sick,” says Dr. Barrera. “But when the father is exposed to herbicides, they are absorbed into the body and alter his DNA. He then passes that genetic mutation on to his children. You can’t just fix the problem by moving to another town—their DNA has been permanently damaged.”


New York-based Phillips & Paolicelli is one of the law firms filing class action suits on behalf of these genetically modified children. According to founding partner Steven Phillips, both Monsanto and Philip Morris hold some responsibility. Monsanto for selling of Roundup while knowing the conditions in which it would be used and risk of harm, and Philip Morris for requiring the use of Roundup on their tobacco crops farmed by these impoverished families.


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