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Sugar Substitute, Insecticide?

Who thought that Discovery Channel’s website would do a lead story on the fact that this very popular substitute is in fact a potent dangerous insecticide.

Erythritol is a component of name brand sweetener Truvia which you can buy in most any grocery store and even some health food shops.

I’d learned long ago that Truvia was not safe for human consumption and instead Dr. Mercola and I  use an organic raw form of Stevia which we always keep in supply.

Some argue Stevia has an aftertaste while Truvia does not, but (having tried both) I taste little difference.

I think the trick with Stevia (or Xylitol, yet another sugar substitute) is to use them with some fat. If I drink them in iced teas or drinks like Zevia (Stevia sweetened) it’s hard to stomach. But if I add Stevia to  a good almond milk (or some people even use them to sweeten home made ice cream with no sugar) I cannot tell the difference between the 2 sweeteners and sugar.

Bottom line? I wouldn’t personally recommend eating or buying Truvia for you or your loved ones. I’d say after all these science based magazines came out with these articles about Truvia it might be on it’s last leg anyway (let’s hope!)

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erin-elizabeth-healthnutnewsErin  has overcome diagnosed Lyme Disease, thyroid, adrenal fatigue,  allergies and weight gain.   She’s  been working in the natural health/green industry for 25 years and has spent the last 5 years with her partner Dr. Mercola.  Animals, eco living and music are her passions.  You can follow Erin  at either her Professional or Personal Facebook pages too!  Her bio can be found here.