Plus-sized model speaks out after confronting a body-shamer on a plane


Regardless of how you feel about what a healthy body should look like, it’s NEVER acceptable to shame anyone. EVER. We love healthy bodies here but our desire to educate people on healthy living and lifestyles comes from a place of love. We want people to be their best. For themselves.


NBC: Snow White parody ‘Red Shoes’ slammed for body shaming

And so, we celebrate model Natalie Hage; she recently sat next to someone on a plane who was body shaming her. Full of patience and grace she taped her conversation with the unseen and unnamed man and let him know that shaming wasn’t necessary or helpful.

If we could all practice kindness the world would totally change.

XO- Erin


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Erin Elizabeth


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  • Randal

    I don’t agree with this whole thing! First – Insulting overweight people is rude! Second – Her violating his privacy is more rude! Third – I don’t agree with PC pressure to view overweight as beautiful, it is not, it is unhealthy and not to be encouraged. Forth – This is not News and should not be wasting our time telling us not to make fun of unhealthy, ugly, deformed, damaged people etc. There are so many serious life threatening issues which need our focus. She should have humbly ignored his texts. She invaded his privacy!

  • Christina Kalix

    I agree with you on the whole push to accept obesity as ok but there is no privacy on a public airliner or in any public place. This is why surveillance cameras are legal. She did nothing wrong. It’s like someone else on the plane a few rows back could’ve been taking a picture of her large self and putting mean captions under it and sending them out to the web, she can’t stop anyone from doing so no matter how rude.