On December 13th, the hard work I put into my Pinterest page, which I had before I had even started my website – and with its many thousands of followers- disappeared. Poof. It is gone…in an instant:

There are many other pages that have disappeared, I am not alone. For instance, our friends since the 80s, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) in Washington DC, was also removed in the last 24 hours or so. And my other half of nearly 10 years, Dr. Mercola, was banned last month. The reason? (None of us were saying “vaccines cause autism!” or anything like that.) We just happen to be a couple of the larger pages worldwide that question or discuss vaccines at all.

That’s what we got banned for. All my years of hard work. (For those of you who followed me before I had my website, you may remember that my page was Raw Foods Retreat. I ran fun, successful, raw, plant-based retreats at our center on the beach for years. In fact, it’s how I met Dr. Mercola. We had speakers from all over the world. Great chefs, too. Now all those beautiful pictures and pins and recipes are also gone. Poof. In an instant.)

It feels like Nazi Germany is right around the corner. And no, I’m not even joking.

But why were we on their radar in the first place? Why zero in on the pins we shared? Some believe it has to do with the article published in 2015 by the journalVaccine, On pins and needles: how vaccines are portrayed on Pinterest,” calling attention to pages like ours.

In their paper, the authors concluded that after analyzing 800 vaccine topic related pins, the majority (75%) were either negative or critical of vaccines. Obviously, the realization that people were waking up (and still are) not just simply swallowing and regurgitating the status quo, was alarming to the pro-vaccination camp. Perhaps that set the stage for what’s happening right now.

But, unless we had something of value and truth to say, there would be no reason to shut us down. There would be no reason to use this extreme type of censorship unless natural and integrative medicine could (and does) provide viable, evidence-based alternatives to conventional medicine.

Let that sink in; people are finally waking up and listening and Big Pharma and those controlled by the beast are not happy. And so, we will continue to speak the truth and point people in the direction of healthy eating, exercise, holistic and integrative medicine, vaccine education and choice, etc.

Remember, you are not alone. We aren’t going anywhere.

Having said that, this would be a great time to bookmark my website though AND signup for my newsletter (just put your email at the top of the page). Just in case we suddenly disappear…

But let me leave you all with this thought: If Pinterest were to ban anyone because of their religion, there would surely be a public outcry. And, we know that thousands in the U.S. and worldwide do not vaccinate or do fewer vaccines because of religious beliefs. Especially the HPV vaccine. So, in essence, are they not just banning our site and others like it based on religious beliefs on vaccines?