In case you think this title is just click bait, you’re wrong. Turns out, vaccine companies are actually draining the blood of pregnant cows’ fetuses for research purposes. (Pharmaceutical companies use calf fetus blood to grow cells for purposes of vaccine creation as well as making laboratory meat.1)


While it pains us to share this, the act of draining a cow’s unborn calf of blood is a legal practice that often results in intense pain and suffering. And not just because vaccine research companies leave pregnant cows standing for hours in pens and cages while they await their fate. Or because some of the pregnant cows give birth while in transit, a violation of animal welfare codes.

Even though the practice is “technically” legal a whistleblower has called out the industry for its brutal practices. However, afraid of getting into trouble with the vaccine industry, the whistleblower has also chosen to conceal their identity. They said,

“Some will leave the cow pregnant as long as possible to get a bigger fetus to get more blood, to get more money. And that cow has already given her life to produce milk, I just don’t see how they justify it. I think it’s an appalling practice.”1

And there’s money to be made. One calf heart provides 300ml of serum. Although Pharmaceutical companies only pay farmers about $50 for their participation in the vaccine research program, the serum’s global value is $2500 per liter.


But how do the pharmaceutical companies obtain the calf’s serum? Warning – it isn’t pretty: 

The farmer will hang the cow from a hook and slice out the uterus. Regulations require the cow to have been dead for at least a five minute period of time.


“The issue is further complicated by the concept of utilizing an already pregnant cow that’s being slaughtered for more profit and more research purposes. In other words, if the pregnant cow is already to be slaughtered, the cow owner justifies extra “found” revenue because sadly the cow would be slaughtered anyway.

But some people believe that farmers might be intentionally creating an industry of pregnant cows. In other words, creating cows that are pregnant for the sole purpose of additional revenue from pharmaceutical companies to be used in vaccines and vaccine research.”1


New Zealand’s Meat Industry Association claims they have a “strong commitment” to the humane treatment of animals.