You might know Pfizer for their drug Viagra. But did you know that their best-selling drug isn’t a drug at all but a vaccine?


Pfizer Vice President blows whistle on Gardasil: “The vaccine is deadly”

Did you know that Pfizer’s pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar 13 (which is supposed to prevent infection caused by pneumococcal bacteria, think ear and sinus stuff as well as pneumonia and meningitis) is their biggest moneymaker? Why? Well, in 2014, the CDC recommended that more than just kids under the age of 2 and adults with “certain chronic conditions” get the vaccine; thanks to sufficient fear mongering and the insistence that adults ages 65 and older get the jab, profits on Prevnar skyrocketed to a staggering $23.4 billion.


If you’ve ever wondered why on earth vaccine companies fight so hard to prevent us from suing them when their vaccines cause serious harm or death, just read the last sentence in the paragraph above one more time. (Hint: It’s the one in bold.)

“Despite of—or maybe because of that extra demand—Pfizer also continued to raise the price of Prevnar 13, which went up steadily for years despite it being a fairly widely administered vaccination, according to Kasier Health News. Despite the formula remaining relatively unchanged, between 2010 and 2017, the price went up between 5-8% annually, which resulted in a more than 50% increase over that eight-year period.”1

But this isn’t really new news because drug companies have been raising prices on older drugs, mostly those in short supply, for years. The difference is that now those price increases are being more widely reported on and consumers and politicians are saying, “Enough.”


However, until the fear-mongering about “vaccine-preventable illness” ends and people stop getting sick (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) you can bet that Big Pharma will push vaccines like Prevnar 13, allowing Pfizer to make generate more revenue with that jab than it does with Viagra. And their patent on Prevnar 13 stretches to the year 2026…now that’s a lot of dough.


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