George Hobson of Gosforth, UK, a pedophile, has somehow been spared from going to prison AGAIN “despite admitting to downloading hundreds of vile images for a second time.”1 And yes, his stash included the most serious of child images, those labeled Category A, some of which showed penetrative activity. All told, he had 700 indecent images.

After the court heard Hobson admit he was attracted to children, and after he admitted to the images he had (which breached a suspended sentence for a similar offense), a judge spared him citing his “highly unusual circumstances”.1


“He was handed the exact same sentence – 16 months suspended for two years – as he received following his first conviction in 2015. That was after his barrister claimed the defendant would struggle in prison.

‘It is undoubtedly the case that he would not cope well,’ claimed Paul Caufield, mitigating.”1

He’s apparently an extremely isolated, 33-year-old loner with low intelligence who enjoys existing in the virtual world; all the more reason to keep him away from the public and its children. (Although he did tell the court heard he felt “disgusted” by his actions.)

Judge Spragg said: “I want a prison sentence hanging over his head. If he does not continue with his significant progress….he is not going to get a second chance.”1

We shall see.


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