Paul Offit: “You can’t really say MMR doesn’t cause Autism…”


It seems that nearly every time this guy opens his mouth it equals internet gold for those of us in the integrative/holistic health community. Not too long ago he screamed at someone who was asking him about an interview on the Vaxxed bus:

and now we have this gem; in 2016 the National Meningitis Association hosted a panel discussion, “Achieving Childhood Vaccine Success in the U.S.” and Offit was on the panel. In the clip, he says, “You can never really say MMR doesn’t cause Autism…”. Brilliant.

To see the entire discussion, watch the video below.

Can we please make this go viral? Can we send this to EVERYONE WE KNOW?

XO- Erin

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Erin Elizabeth


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    get used to saying an untruth when in front of media.. got it Dr. Offit! I am in training to be a pharmagandist, so these tips are very important.. Do they give stock options when you are hired as a pharma troll? I hope so!

  • Heidi Born

    Hi. Did you watch the entire panel discussion? Apparently, their conversations are in support of vaccinating. Pulling one quote from one doctor and posting it as an anti-vax comment is misleading.

  • Yes their conversation was supporting vaccinations and Dr. Paul Offit supports vaccinations as well which is why it was shocking to hear him admit “You can never really say MMR doesn’t cause Autism…”

  • Heidi Born

    I didn’t find it shocking to hear him say that. As a doctor of medicine and science he was reiterating that there is some probability that the MMR could cause some cases of autism. I’m a mother of a toddler feeling my way through all of this vax/anti-vax “shocking” info. There is an inherent risk in almost everything we do. What is your take on the DSM addendums on the criteria of autism spectrum disorders? After speaking with a few adolescent neuroscientists, they have given the impression that more numbers are being counted because more symptoms have been included in the spectrum than ever before. I believe that immune strength comes from good food and healthy living and for those rare things that historically our bodies cannot handle, vaccinations step up. It’s heart wrenching to see all of this as hokey when it could be true. It’s heart wrenching to claim it true if it, after all, isn’t and not vaccinating puts so many others at risk for disease.