A week after 3-month-old Jude Cooper had his vaccine against rotavirus (a terrible “stomach bug” but not something a vaccine is needed for) he almost died from an obstruction to his intestines, a potential side effect of the vaccine. His parents are now speaking out in the hopes that this doesn’t have to happen to anyone else’s children.


His mom Sonya said the day after her sweet boy had the vaccine she noticed a change in him, saying “He started refusing feeds, his nappies dried up and he was constantly grizzly, lethargic and spent his day flopped in pain in my arms.”1

When he deteriorated even more the following day and began vomiting, Sonya took him to the hospital. There he was monitored for a couple hours and, convinced he had a gastro bug, doctors sent him home.


After three days of not being able to keep his feedings down, his parents took him to the emergency room where an x-ray and ultrasound confirmed an obstruction in Jude’s intestines. Doctors told them that the live virus multiplied and spread hard and fast throughout Jude’s body.


Sadly, after all this, the couple are still pro-vaccine. However, they feel that had they known about the side effect, they would have pushed for more tests when doctors initially said it was just a stomach bug.

It’s incredibly important to note that death from rotavirus infection is rare while common responses to the rotavirus vaccine are mild diarrhea or vomiting and abdominal pain.

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