Parents: 16-year-old Daughter Left Paralyzed in 3 Limbs After HPV Vaccine

HPV vaccine mandate

Ruby Shallom was vaccinated against HPV at school when she was 14 years old but just weeks later the horse rider and runner began to suffer from stomach spasms, dizziness, pain, headaches, and fatigue. Two years late she woke up with no feelings in her legs.

Since then she has lost all sensation in both her legs and one of her arms and is virtually bed ridden. She’s unable to eat, dress alone, or lift herself up. She’s also incontinent and often too weak to even lift her head.

But, according to the HPV makers, she’s now “One less”.

To her parent’s surprise, doctors were unable to diagnose her with anything and dismissed her issues as psychological.

Ruby Shallom, 16, started to suffer from stomach spasms, dizziness, pain, headaches and fatigue just weeks after having the HPV jab. But in May she woke up with no feelings in her legs

However, her parents Aron and Nicola, are now convinced her condition was caused by the vaccine itself. (We would agree.) And after watching Melinda Messenger speak out on This Morning, about how she stopped her 12-year-old daughter Evie from having the poke- and in spite of how her interviewers and the other guests ganged up on her- they’ve been emboldened enough to start yet another conversation about this deadly vaccine.

Her father told the Daily Mail:
“The way the doctors dismissed her was disgraceful. She doesn’t want her daughter to go through what we are going through. We back her totally. Ruby was healthy before but now she is paralysed – you could hit her legs with a hammer and she wouldn’t feel anything. We thought it was going to do her good but in hindsight it has done the complete opposite.”

(Please, check out this documentary. It’s worth your time. In every article I’ve read and done stories about, the HPV vaccine seems to be especially devastating for girls who are athletic.)

Stomach spasms after the HPV jab:

As you can imagine, Ruby is devastated by what’s happened to her and what will keep happening to others until this vaccine is pulled from the market:

Lucy Rebbeck, 15, suffered the same ordeal after having the HPV jab, her muscles were so weak she was confined to a wheelchair for six months

Initially, her doctors diagnosed her with celiac disease and removed her appendix but it didn’t help. Her mother Diane recounts how her daughter wasted away, in nearly the same fashion as Ruby.

Thankfully for Lucy, she has regained strength in her lower body after undergoing rehabilitation, including hydrotherapy. Although her family doesn’t know EXACTLY what caused her condition in the first place, MRI scans show that indeterminate patches of inflammation remain on her brain.

According to

“Scientists have known for a while now that inflammation contributes to long-term neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. But lately they have been turning up evidence that inflammation can affect the brain more directly and acutely, and might underlie a wider range of problems, from impaired cognition during infections to depression and even schizophrenia.”

(Could this mean we may see a rise of early onset Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s among the HPV vaccinated population?)

Obviously, Public Health England still strongly urges girls to have the vaccine and ignore ‘misleading information’. Because they said, “The most likely explanation for the reports of side effects is that some girls will coincidentally develop normal illnesses found in adolescents after vaccination and families may mistakenly think the vaccine has caused them.”

Does brain inflammation and severe muscle weakness, leading to paralysis, sound like a normal illness to you? Doesn’t sound like one to me. In fact, I can count the number of times that happened to my peers growing up, on one hand: ZERO.

Professor of bioinorganic chemistry at Keele University, Chris Exley, has said that the HPV vaccine contains an aluminum adjuvant which can be toxic in humans. He said research is in a ‘very early stage’ and hasn’t yet ‘undergone satisfactory safety tests to demonstrate that they are safe for use in humans’.

Well said. When will the madness end?

Source: Daily Mail

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Jay

    All vaccines should be considered dangerous and harmful and should be outlawed.
    Monkey brain, aborted fetus, mercury, thymerisol and a host of other unmentionable ingredients in these vaccines are toxic beyond belief and should never be introduced into the human blood stream or allowed to compromise the human immune system.
    The drug companies that are using the population as lab rats should be sued off the planet if it is possible to find an honest judge to try the case.

  • Alleged Comment

    I agree on some medical professionals. The way they dismiss serious symptoms borders on unprofessional conduct, maybe even neglect.

    An EMT dismissed and even questioned whether to take a patient to the hospital semi-unconscious and in pain!

    Another time a person had very high blood pressure and was getting dizzy but they did not even take him to the hospital nor even suggest to this person he follow up medically. After ascertaining he was not suffering a stroke they left!

    I had one nurse even wish DEATH on a patient. I witnessed it myself. What was worse is I reported it to the administration who did not seem concerned about it at all.

    Just routine to them. Beware their medical symbol is, some say, derived from a PAGAN one.

  • The Seer

    Chelation removes heavy metals –
    Do a series over 6-12 weeks
    Naturopathic dr better than regular western limited doctors

  • SteveCA7

    Even the vaccine manufacturers never state that it prevents cancer – it is ‘intended to’ or ‘expected to’ prevent cancer (that’s because they have zero evidence that it will ever prevent a single case of cancer. In fact many scientists believe other HPV strains (there are approx. 170) will substitute the 4 that are in the Gardasil vaccine. Merck already make one with 9 strains because the quadrivalent Gardasil used in the UK is old technology and expected to fail!

  • SteveCA7

    The UK health authorities quote publicly that this vaccine is safe and deny that there have been any SERIOUS adverse reactions (we are not talking about headaches and sore arms either – my daughter has been severely disabled and bed-bound for over 5 years).
    However, if you make a Freedom of Information request the MHRA will tell you that over 21,000 adverse reactions, including 8 with fatal outcome have been reported by Yellow Card. Even vaccine manufacturers report 2,500 SERIOUS adverse reactions per 100,000 vaccinated during the clinical trials but cases of cervical cancer are just 9/100,000 and that’s only because of 80% PAP screening which is still required even after vaccination.

  • Erwin Alber

    I think “Two years late she woke up with no feelings in her legs.” should be “Two years later…”.

  • Erwin Alber

    I don’t even think that the vaccine’s purpose is to prevent cancer but rather that the cancer prevention bit is just the bait to get parents to have their children injected with this disgusting vaccine. This vaccine is all about maximum profits and is in my estimation also a part of the global depopulation agenda. It will be interesting to see whether the ovaries of vaccinated girls are still able to perform their function to bring about pregnancies. I predict a steep increase in infertility in the vaccinated.

  • Erwin Alber

    There is in my opinion nothing wrong with paganism. I however agree with Dr R Mendelsohn that the God of modern medicine is death.

  • CarrieSings

    I’ve asked a question on numerous forums and I haven’t yet received what I consider a satisfactory answer! I’ve heard of a seemingly escalating number of very specific adverse effects reported, like those cited about the teens above, all attributed to the HPV vaccine. I’ve also read extensively about the ingredients and side effects of many vaccines. AND – other than the HPV viral DNA, the HPV vaccine shares essentially ALL the same ingredients. Now here’s my question… Just what, specifically, is in the HPV vaccine that causes the supposed myriad of horrible side effects in teens which appear to be far beyond what is typically seen in all the other vaccines’ side effects reports? With the same ingredients, I can’t see it as only caused by the fragments of HPV DNA. If that was true, why don’t people with an actual full blown HPV infection sending a gigantic volume virus through their body have similar horrendous side effect symptoms?