(Note from Erin: I’ve tried the products and I’m not a fan. In fact, I won’t be buying any more but will keep buying awesome products on ThriveMarket (who we’re partnering with). You guys, they have some of the best organic products around.)

When we started our website 5 years ago this month, the Paleo diet was already on it’s way out (according to the ‘experts’). And guess what paleo darling just “sold out”? “Primal Kitchen” (whose products we don’t recommend), just before the new year, to the evil entity that is Kraft Heinz. While we’ve written about the founder of this “paleo” line on our site, we won’t from here on out; sorry, we have ethics.

But it looks like the sale is causing things at Kraft to go going south… and fast! So much so that Barron’s just did an article days ago entitled “Kraft Heinz stock is plunging because things have gone from bad to ugly.”

We try great brands (and rave about the ones we find) on a daily basis either because we buy them or because people send them to us, hoping we will share them with you all. And thanks to Dr. Mercola (my other half of 10 years) I have been in 49 of 50 states and have gotten to try nearly every brand out there. I’ve been to 23 countries and even tried some overseas organic brands, too (though admittedly I wasn’t too hip on those in my younger days when it was tough to afford).

So let me just say this: I’ve eaten some of the products and I’m shocked AF that they sold for 200 million dollars. I must be missing something.

As NBC says about the take over:

  • Kraft Heinz confirmed it plans to buy paleo dressing company Primal Kitchen, as the ketchup maker looks for a platform to help compete against upstart brands. The deal is close to being wrapped up.
  • The deal marks a change for Kraft Heinz, whose backers, 3G Capital, have become known for large-scale deals.
  • The $200 million deal is expected to close in early 2019

Watch the video above as it touches on why these mergers aren’t so good for Kraft Heinz AND read this article about why YOU should boycott Kraft Heinz. We have for many years and will now boycott this new sell-out brand, too.

Erin Elizabeth