We LOVE animals here at HNN. Especially cats…miss you much Miss Pye, and if you do too- you’re in luck! God’s Little People Cat Rescue recently posted on their Facebook page that they’re looking for someone to take care of 55 cats on the island of Syros in Greece.


No joke. What a job!

“The job comes with an undisclosed salary, a house will fully-covered utilities, and a private garden with views of the Aegean Sea. The person who is granted this job will be in charge of feeding the cats, giving them their medicine, and handling all generic pet duties. They’re looking for a candidate who has some veterinary training, is over the age of 45, and can drive the cats to a vet if need be.” 1

Check out their full post below…

While the first round of the job will be primarily a volunteer position (likely to see how well you fit), after a few weeks the candidate will work for pay for about four hours a day, for a minimum of six months,   beginning November 1st.


According to the posting, the ideal candidate is someone qualified in pet care, who is a genuine lover of cats and is passionate about spending time with them and providing them with exceptional love and care.


If you are genuinely interested and actually qualified for the job, send your photo and resume to [email protected]

If you apply for the job, please keep us posted! Good luck!

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