Local Florida Holistic Doctor Found Dead

holistic-doctor-deathErin Elizabeth, Founder, Health Nut Newserin-elizabeth

This is the hardest story I have written over the 2 years since starting HealthNutNews.com  I actually wasn’t going to publish it, but my friends told me this is what I do.

As many of you know- I’ve gently broken the news of the dozens of death of  holistic since June 19th of last year, beginning with Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet.

I’m worried for my own better half of the last 7 years, as he’s a holistic doctor as well.

This story is the toughest though, as Dr. Rod Floyd, a chiropractor, clinical  full-time professor and faculty mentor at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida campus, was a friend and lived locally.  He and his wife are loved by everyone here in our local town and community. They had just celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary, and have a wonderful family with children and grand kids. Dr. Floyd was also a certified clinical nutritionist and held  an advanced degree in community public health. Rod was one of the kindest, smartest, and most humble doctors that I had the privilege to know in the 10 years since I’ve lived here. Dr. Floyd and his wonderful wife have published our local Natural Awakenings magazine for years, and spread the word with their cutting edge articles on natural health. She works so hard on the magazine and it’s how I learned my way around this beach town ten years ago when I moved here.
His wife said Dr. Floyd was hearty and healthy, and our mutual friends had just seen him a day or two before at the holistic health fair. The Floyd family even bought my infra-red sauna a few years back, and Dr. Floyd came to the house with a family member to load it up.  I think back to how funny it was trying to disassemble that giant thing, and get it through the door and into their vehicle for the drive home. He kept his cool, with what I always thought of as a dry sense of humor.
Because I know the family, I’ll not go into detail but just say that again, his wife said he was healthy, and long story short, he was outside in the back yard sitting and enjoying the full moon chatting, he seemed fine, and she’d gone inside, come back out a short time later and he had died while she was gone.
Everyone is shocked and saddened, as he was healthy, fit, and so much of his life was about health; sharing his vast knowledge with others, and teaching students at Palmer College to go on and share that knowledge as chiropractors. My heart goes out to friends and family. If any family member wants anything added, removed or updated in this article feel free to write me. I know it doesn’t nearly do him the justice he deserves.

I don’t know if I can write any more of these articles. I know that people (especially holistic MDs, DOs, DCs) write me every day and thank me for doing so, but this hits so close to home. I can only imagine what his family is going through and his wife of 37 years. Because I know them personally, I feel the very least I can do is to share the Go Fund Me page.

Sincerely Erin Elizabeth, east coast of Florida, Friday January 29th 2016.