Local Florida Holistic Doctor Found Dead, He was “Healthy & Hearty”

Dr. Rod Floyd Death
Dr Rod Floyd, friend and local holistic Florida doctor

Local Florida Holistic Doctor Found Dead

holistic-doctor-deathErin Elizabeth, Founder, Health Nut Newserin-elizabeth

This is the hardest story I have written over the 2 years since starting HealthNutNews.com  I actually wasn’t going to publish it, but my friends told me this is what I do.

As many of you know- I’ve gently broken the news of the dozens of death of  holistic since June 19th of last year, beginning with Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet.

I’m worried for my own better half of the last 7 years, as he’s a holistic doctor as well.

This story is the toughest though, as Dr. Rod Floyd, a chiropractor, clinical  full-time professor and faculty mentor at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida campus, was a friend and lived locally.  He and his wife are loved by everyone here in our local town and community. They had just celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary, and have a wonderful family with children and grand kids. Dr. Floyd was also a certified clinical nutritionist and held  an advanced degree in community public health. Rod was one of the kindest, smartest, and most humble doctors that I had the privilege to know in the 10 years since I’ve lived here. Dr. Floyd and his wonderful wife have published our local Natural Awakenings magazine for years, and spread the word with their cutting edge articles on natural health. She works so hard on the magazine and it’s how I learned my way around this beach town ten years ago when I moved here.
His wife said Dr. Floyd was hearty and healthy, and our mutual friends had just seen him a day or two before at the holistic health fair. The Floyd family even bought my infra-red sauna a few years back, and Dr. Floyd came to the house with a family member to load it up.  I think back to how funny it was trying to disassemble that giant thing, and get it through the door and into their vehicle for the drive home. He kept his cool, with what I always thought of as a dry sense of humor.
Because I know the family, I’ll not go into detail but just say that again, his wife said he was healthy, and long story short, he was outside in the back yard sitting and enjoying the full moon chatting, he seemed fine, and she’d gone inside, come back out a short time later and he had died while she was gone.
Everyone is shocked and saddened, as he was healthy, fit, and so much of his life was about health; sharing his vast knowledge with others, and teaching students at Palmer College to go on and share that knowledge as chiropractors. My heart goes out to friends and family. If any family member wants anything added, removed or updated in this article feel free to write me. I know it doesn’t nearly do him the justice he deserves.

I don’t know if I can write any more of these articles. I know that people (especially holistic MDs, DOs, DCs) write me every day and thank me for doing so, but this hits so close to home. I can only imagine what his family is going through and his wife of 37 years. Because I know them personally, I feel the very least I can do is to share the Go Fund Me page.

Sincerely Erin Elizabeth, east coast of Florida, Friday January 29th 2016.

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Erin Elizabeth


Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site HealthNutNews.com is barely 4 years old, but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which have attracted international media coverage. Erin was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock "Truth in Journalism award for 2017. You can get Erin’s free e-book here and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vaccine injuries, Lyme disease, significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • NHWCenter

    Your work, like so many of us is difficult and necessary so that we are kept up to date and feel that we’re getting clear concise information. Its all such a travesity and painful for us to read as it is for you to write and I agree its so much harder being with someone in the field. May God’s protective white light surround and protect us all every hour, every day and every night. Bless you and your work!

  • lymewarrior

    This is deeply, deeply disturbing. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and how impactful this must be to you and your family. xxx

  • Joel W

    Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times (or dozens as is the case here) is enemy action. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Derek Williams

    Someone needs to figure out what is going on here…this is too many to be a coincidence.

  • NardaB

    Heart is breaking for you and yours, Erin, for the Dr and his family, for the shift in vibration on the plane of universality those great Souls are travelling ….

  • Shannon

    I really admire your work in keeping us informed of a world that is not welcomed by the main stream. It is eye opening but vital to understand what is going on. While I say that I must also say that I worry for you. I feel that the under current of what is happening lashes out when there are truths spoken in this area and I worry for you with each article. Bless you for your courage, strength and quest.

  • BC

    Why not go into detail? Did he shoot himself or was it natural causes?? Everyone no matter how healthy they are–are going to die one day.

  • It was not Suicide. He just died. We don’t the cause.

  • benjamin

    If I were you and your husband I would arm up. Keep guns easily accessible and also set up security cameras. Try not to be alone too much. The world seems to get more dangerous by the day

  • Joev

    anymore details on death (causes)?

  • BC

    So natural causes then. Unlike many of the others who were either murdered or ‘committed suicide’, which is what I was wondering–if his death was like the others.

    I am sorry for the family’s loss, death of a family member or friend is always difficult and painful to go through. My Condolences..

  • marusya

    Someone slipped him some slow acting poison a few hours before at work? Terrible news. Please keep writing, the soviet gulags happened because people kept quiet.

  • Someone may look healthy on the outside but not be healthy. Now there is a disadvantage to living a long life. The longer you live, the more friends you see die. Now people are going to die and you cannot change that. But you can change how you feel about it. There was this guy that was prince of an empire and had a pregnant wife. He had a very sheltered life. He learned that people get sick and it upset him a lot. Then he learned that people get old and it upset him a lot. Then he learned that people die and then his normal life ended.

    He said to himself how can people act like things are okay when they are going to die. So he left his pregnant wife and went on a search for the answer about 500 years before Jesus was born. He found the answer and became famous. His name was Buddha. Then about 300 years before Jesus was Socrates that was teaching and they did not like what he was teaching. So they put him to death. He was teaching that people should know thyself. But not know the illusion, but know the true self that never dies.

    Now let me ask you a question. You know that you and your better half will die. Who do want to go first. If you go first then he will be alone. If he goes first then you will be alone.

  • This is the rest of my message started below. You can use your time when are alive to learn about that thing that you will spend eternity being. You and your better half have enough money to travel around the world and see it. Or you can learn about that part of you that never dies like Dr. Oz is doing & Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, the 2 living Beatles, Clint Eastwood and Ivanka Trump (Donald’s daughter). They do TM but I do another meditation. You have chosen a profession that constantly reminds you of everyone’s future. Here is what a poet and Indian saint, Kabir, says about this.

    “The night you passed in sleep
    And the day in visiting your false friends;
    Alas! Thus you have wasted
    The diamond of your life on naught.

    You will die one day, perhaps tomorrow;
    Grass will grow on your grave,
    And your friends will forget you.
    Therefore know your true self soon.
    This world is a house made of wood, and lo it is burning furiously;
    He who stays in it dies.
    The yogi withdraws from it in meditation
    And he is saved.”

    I do a meditation taught by Prem Rawat and you can listen to many of his talks on Youtube. He said the following when he was a teen:

    “Man can be identified by three qualities: space, time, and energy. His body lives in space, his mind in time, and his soul lives in infinite energy, in the infinite self. By meditation, you will be able to cross those limits of space and time that all human beings exist in. Once you do that, you will be able to find out who you really are.”

  • Donna Kuhn

    is this number 18? after the spokane death?

  • I am so sorry for this loss especially a person who makes such a difference in the lives of others. There is joy seeing all the wonderful things you have written about him. Sending energy of love and peace to the family and all.

  • Patti Ireland

    was cause of death determined? This does not sound like any kind of sinister plot. People do die instantaneously of strokes, brain hemorrhages, heart attacks, even when they were seemingly in fine health. My mother literally dropped to the floor dead. No warning. It does happen.

  • Johnny K

    Jennifer, you can’t stop. If you stop, they win this all-too-silent war. Evil will triumph over good. As I type this, my father is lying in the hospital, dying of chemotherapy and radiation. I was able to cure him, at first, but he went off the diet I had prescribed for him, the cancer came back and the oncologists swooped in. They picked his pockets, last Monday they told him he the ol’ “there’s nothing more we can do for you” told him he had 8-10 weeks and off they went. When his doctor/oncologist gave us the news, my mother was horrified that I popped out of the holistic closet and came down hard on the doctor. IF something ever happens to me, and I’m no longer afraid, I want someone out there to report it! If there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know. I KNOW it’s hard but we have to be strong until the majority of the population understands what is going on!
    Take care, my friend.

  • Jessica

    Is there any information yet about services?

  • Sorry about your mother. My Mom’s best friend died like that too. Instantly. Heart attack. Total surprise. No warning.

  • Wendy Wilson-Simpkins

    This should scare everyone. How come this is not big headline news America? Because big money finds a way to make people quiet, don’t they?

  • Fataah Ewe’

    Autopsy done?

  • Vanessa Littlefield

    What was the cause of his death? Was it like the others or natural causes?

  • susandaytoday

    Jesus Christ rules eternity and it would be best to know Him while you are alive . May God bless this man and His family during this time of great sorrow .

  • susandaytoday

    Jesus Words are Truth and Life !

  • GdayMate

    no cause of death = not giving us the full story. Natural death is natural. Give us something else if that’s not the case.

  • GdayMate

    well that’s just it: she doesn’t tell you because the answer of “natural causes” doesn’t sound fishy does it? How can there be a big conspiracy if he died of natural causes?

    Brutal reporting, stringing everyone along (except me).

  • GdayMate

    bang on. They never tell you why they died, because “natural causes” doesn’t sound like a conspiracy theory. Thanks for seeing through the BS.

  • NardaB

    Can folks give the lady time to grieve?!?!? The man was a personal friend, and some of us actually live by the creed: “God first, then family, then work.” Work in this case, is this editorial page. You want “details”? Do some of the homework yourself and help Erin out.

  • NardaB

    And did 12 or 13 of your friends’ mothers all die too, within weeks or a few months of each other??????

  • Patti Ireland

    If you actually go in and read the obituaries, and what they died of, there really isn’t any indication of sinsister forces. One died in a car crash driving down the freeway the wrong way. One died from a fall while attempting to climb up the side of his house, crawling over a balcony, because he didn’t want to wait for the police after losing his keys. There were a couple of suicides. etc. Yes, one was killed in her home during a robbery- yet those things happen. Sure, it easy to write like this woman does and try to make it seem like conspiracies, yet if you take the “big picture” and look at the number of doctors that die every day, and the causes of death, it really does not support the “conspiracy theory”.

  • NardaB

    G’day goof…ya know, sometimes it’s better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it so.
    Have you read any of Erin’s articles regarding these oddly coincidental and horribly sad deaths? Are you aware of the time line relating to this story? Are you familiar with any of the history of the work the practitioners were involved with, either prior to or immediately preceding their deaths? Are you aware of the family members who have expressed considerable shock at the deaths, given their knowledge of the health of some of the individuals?
    Unless you know all this shit, your ‘thanks for seeing through the BS’ is bullish*t.

  • NardaB

    I don’t believe ‘this woman’, whose name is Erin btw, has been positing ‘conspiracy theory’ in her articles throughout this sad death knell of holistic practicioners and other doctors — on the contrary it seems more like a resistance to the possibility that the stories are related…seriously, would you not be baffled and disturbed if 12 or 13 closely-related (in various ways) individuals in your circle were being found dead, despite that they may have been healthy? If you didn’t question it, I’d think you might be being wilfully blind….

  • Nikolaj

    Full moon? The powers that be love to perform a ritual sacrifice on such a date. My prayers go out to you.

  • Steve Smith

    I am far away in Africa but this is all getting very chilling, and you wonder if this kind of thing will become a global phenomena (or already is?). The company I have received GcMAF from, with their administration offices based in Guernsey UK, has recently been raided……..(NB. No doubt you people if able to monitor this site will put me on your list at some time….and then use your high-tech radiation beam (is it?)to finish me off)…Unfortunately we all run the risk of attack. Erin may you be safe whilst remaining outspoken…as you are spreading such important information, that must be disseminated widely…..

    Raid by HSSD – 28.1.16

    A year to the day after the MHRA, at HSSD’s request, terrorised
    their two scientists in Cambridge for 8 hours and shut down production
    of Immuno Biotech’s products, 20 people arrived to raid the office and
    house of Immuno Biotech in Guernsey at 10.45am on the 28th January 2016,
    lead by a gloating Ed Freestone.

    The warrant allowed them inspect any of Immuno Biotech’s equipment
    or process used in the manufacture of medical products, and to take
    copies of related documents.

    The Guernsey Border Agency and customs steal every vial of GcMAF
    that moves in Guernsey. How could IBL supply thousands of people from a
    laboratory based there? Why would they choose to have a laboratory in
    the most corrupt nation they know? They’ve never had a lab in Guernsey,
    and never intend to. All they do there is admin and accountancy.

    Guernsey closed Immuno Biotech’s bank accounts and IBL therefore ceased trading on the 3rd February 2015.

    20 police, pharmacists, MHRA people and Ed Freestone were present at
    the offices for 8.5 hours, and 12 hours at the house, leaving at 11pm.
    214 hours, over £10,000 of time wasted.

    A phone call would have sufficed, and they could have shown Freestone around.

    The fact they didn’t find a lab did not stop the raid breaking
    procedures, and the law in every way possible. They took away 125 bags
    from the house, from the office a pile of original papers 7ft tall, and
    approaching 20 computers, every single computer Systems Research Ltd
    had. Systems Research Ltd holds the lease on that office.

    The entire house, every single item, was ransacked.

    Like the two other raids, the aim of this was was clearly to terrorise, traumatise, destroy and demoralise.

    But Immuno Biotech has saved over 1,000 lives, and thousands have
    recovered from diseases. They don’t see any way they can stop. Like most
    people, for them, morality, honesty and truthfullness are absolutely
    vital; these are qualities clearly lacking on the boards of HSSD and the

  • They’re saying it was accidental. My friend just died. You might realize these things take time. Watch a few episodes of CSI.

  • He just died. They don’t know yet. they said accidental at this point. Not “natural” FYI. Thanks for your rude posts. If your friends are found dead I sure wouldn’t respond like that. have a great day. Here is the whole timeline. I’ll be on Coast to Coast radio 2 hours straight from 10pm to midnight on the subject.. https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • Will let you know. Just had another local one (friend) die here last night. all info is here so far https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • thank you Narda xo

  • Wow, are you paid to be here? Most folks we have visit our site from Victoria are nicer than you. I’m guessing you’re here by design. Here is the full list with dozens of causes of death. Many murder alleged suicide. etc https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • Thank you. Here is the full list. Many we knew (haven’t added the latest after Dr Floyd who is another friend here minutes away from me who wanted to visit this week – now found dead. around my age 🙁 https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • just died. days ago. We don’t have cause of death yet on a few from last year as autopsy results take time.

  • BC

    No Thank you for keeping us updated on these things.

    I continue to send these things to my own local media trying to get them to at least investigate or report, but alas no luck.

    There are also lists of Scientist, Bankers, and others that are just as long who have died from similar fates..While riding their bike’s (hit and runs) jumping from buildings, suicide–and all such things that are to me, suspicious.

  • Lynn

    I stand beside you with support and sympathy. It is all too concerning for these deaths to be coincidental. Please know my thoughts are prayers are with you and the family of this Dr.

    Stay safe sweety.

  • Jim Park

    I hope you do continue with the news you are posting Erin but maybe have a few days off first. I dip into your Healthnutnews from time to time and it is such a valuable resource. It is a truly frightening world we live in but as can be seen from the comments there is much foul play ado.

  • Jim Park

    If you have faith in the authorities responsible for investigations autopsies and conclusions then I guess there is nothing to worry about. But if you don’t…..

  • Dr. Joe

    mother…..fine…..but if your mom was a red-hat group member, and her friend, also a red-hat group member dies within a week or so…..then another…..then another….then another…I don’t care who you are…If enough people with red hats die in succession, you’ll at least ponder the significance of any red hat you yourself own. That said, Mom’s are tough, no matter how they go. Sorry for your loss.

  • Conservative Woman

    Man’s Love Of Money is the root of all Evil.. Not money itself..
    This has happened too many times for it to be coincidental.. I would not put anything past Big Pharma and the Global Elites.
    Life on Earth is fleeting.. Eternity is Forever.. Good Wins Over Evil Every Time!

  • Erin – the pharmaceutical companies cannot make money if people are healthy. This is getting insane. I’ll get Jesse Ventura and or staff to read your articles. IN-FRICKING-SANE.

  • Esmae

    Because the lame stream media is part and parcel.

  • ChilePowered

    Those of us that see this for what it seems must be vigilant in sharing this. It is only through grass roots sharing – thank goodness for technology and social media – that we can have effect. Contribute to the ground swell. This is happening in many arenas. Have you seen the movie “Concussion”? Ever heard of Erin Brockovich(sp?)? Heard of the farmers and research scientists that live in fear of their lives everyday for swimming upstream, to the beat of logical reasoning and truth, not greed and lack of conscience? Heard of Uber and how it’s building its system and wealth on the backs of its drivers? This happens all over. Let’s change the “all over” aspect to a different perspective.

    Erin, thanks so much for keeping the thread and continuity going. It is through that, that people are seeing it for what it is.

  • CHIROfamx3

    I cannot praise this man enough and his vast knowledge he shared with the community about health. His death rocked the Palmer community. My greatest memory of him was watching him interact with my children when they went to the Palmer clinic for adjustments. He always made them feel important and valued. Last Halloween, he volunteered his time for the annual Palmer Halloween trick or treat by dressing up as Woody and passing out goodies to the children. My son was SO excited to see his favorite character from Toy Story. He made sure to interact with my happy toddler; how many doctors today step into the community and encourage even the least of these?????
    We are still shocked by his passing, and he will be greatly missed!
    -Former Palmer student.