Many of us in the natural community have been warning about the dangers of consuming conventional fruits and vegetables for many years and now a new study has vindicated our concern: pesticides on foods are far more dangerous than previously thought as they cause damage to the human brain.


Denmark on its way to becoming first organic country ever!

The research, published by the European Parliament, could result in new limits on allowable pesticide levels or food labeling laws because at current levels of pesticide exposure, the cost to children and pregnant women is “very high.” 1

“The landmark study suggests that the damage caused by pesticides across the EU amounts to at least £125bn a year, based on the loss of lifetime income from such damage.   

The report warns of increasing evidence that residues from insecticides are damaging the brain, and reducing the IQ of the population. And it raises concerns that the chemicals could also cause cancer and damage to the reproductive system.

‘At least 100 different pesticides are known to cause adverse neurological effects in adults, and all of these substances must, therefore, be suspected of being capable of damaging developing brains as well,’ the report states.”2


The report goes on to say their calculation is “almost certainly” an underestimate since it didn’t even look at the “the possible contribution made by pesticides to conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.”3

Researchers recommend limiting exposure to non-organic fruit and vegetables – especially for children and those who are pregnant. In fact, given this new information, it’s probably safest to just buy organic.

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