Organic farmer ordered to pay $804,000 in court costs

West Australian farmer, Steve Marsh, experienced a harrowing situation when his organic crops were contaminated by genetically modified canola seed that blew onto his property from his neighbor’s farm.

Unfortunately, his neighbor was his childhood friend, but it didn’t stop him for suing for damages.  He filed a lawsuit to cover the loss of about 70% of his organic crop certification, tainted by the GM canola.   The lawsuit looked to cover the loss, totaling $85,000.

Shockingly, he lost and was ordered to pay the court costs of $804,000.  There is now an investigation underway to find out if the defendant, Michael Baxter’s, court costs were covered by Monsanto.  If they were, Marsh will only be responsible to cover the costs that came out of Baxter’s pockets.

*Article originally appeared at Minds.