vials of SmallpoxUPDATE:  SMALLPOX NIH left in a closet since the 50’s is ALIVE! 

^^^^ Wow, why doesn’t this surprise us. I saw a meme today on Facebook from ‘some ee cards’ that read “hopefully the CDC can save us from the CDC” (the same can be said of the NIH. Now see below for my original story.

So happy that the little debacle at the National Institute for health is actually making headline news.

Bottom line is they were moving some stuff in a store room no one checked since the 1950’s!? (uh hello!) and found some left over Smallpox vials. You know, that virus we eradicated many moons ago. (The last known outbreak hasn’t been since 1947!)  Way to go NIH.  What if one had broken or what if someone did get infected already?!

From the article

When the scientists found the vials, they immediately put them in a containment lab and on July 1 notified the branch of the government that deals with toxic substances, called the Division of Select Agents and Toxins.”

Let’s hope they didn’t infect anyone and hey NIH, I know you fail at so much, but maybe try cleaning out your closets more than every 60 years. We’re certain  there’s lots more in those closets you’re hiding too.

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