(Editor’s Note: This story was taken from David Letellier’s public Facebook page and has been cited below, his Facebook page is also linked below.)

“My sister and I were both raised in South Florida and we love our State. We have come up with a hypothetical theory that creates a perfect storm for this recent ecological disaster… Florida is going to be used to create future oil fields right under our feet. Deep injection wells are already pumping untreated sewage and Ag waste water 3,000 feet below our fresh water aquifer into the bedrock for making biofuels/alcohol, that they can pump out of the ground at a later date use to make gasoline, diesel fuel and natural gas to sell on the world markets.

To make alcohol you need lots of water, a mash or organic material (human sewage, Ag waste, even dead sea animals), sugar which is grown right at Ground Zero and the starter or (yeast) which is the Cyanobacteria or (blue/green algae) made by Argenol in Ft. Myers. They want to start processing and pumping the Cyanobacteria into the ground at the north of Lake Okeechobee where they can hold it in the bedrock. It will be just like brewing a huge batch of whiskey/alcohol but in just a fraction of the time that the Earth needs to make oil.

The north end of Lake O is where we believe they had their first major spill of this super- algae Cyanobacteria. The State of Florida was in the process of drilling 50 deep injection wells to contain it but they somehow lost control of it and had to dump and pump this toxic crap into the rivers on the top of the lake to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico simply to get rid of it. The starter stew they created from the Cyanobacteria was so toxic that it killed every fish, turtle, bird, dolphin and manatee that came into contact with it. They’ve been using the annual Red Tide event as a cover to blame this hazardous spill on a (naturally occurring event). It all adds up to a big money involvement and I’m sure anyone (politicians included) connected with it are keeping it super secret which also explains the news blackout.

The Mosaic sinkhole which happened in May, 2017 was filled with grout to seal it up but where did those 215 million of gallons of toxic stew go? I believe this toxic water has had a chance to migrate underground through the aquifer and come up at the heads of the Peace and Myakka rivers which also ends up flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

If you follow the money and the stench, it should lead to the answers explaining everything. Remember to vote tomorrow (Tuesday, August 28th) for environmentally friendly political candidates.”

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