In July 2012, Trevor Smith was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Now two years cancer free, Trevor and his wife want to share their story to give people hope and to let people know that chemo and radiation aren’t their only option. 
At age 52, Trevor was told by two top urologists that he had stage T2A bladder cancer and would need to have chemo, radiation and radical surgery (to remove his bladder, prostate, intestines and have a neobladder built so that he could pass urine) in order to survive. However, what doctors didn’t tell him was that even with the surgery, he’d likely only live 24 to 30 more months and he’d be incontinent for up to a year and also impotent.
Knowing there had to be better options and ready to do whatever she needed to do to help her husband, Trevor’s wife Carole got busy doing her research.
She says, “We spoke again to the Urologist and told him we needed more time to research alternative treatments and modalities, and we would not take the Chemo or surgery just yet, we were already looking into different therapies, both of us are concerned with the quality of his life after surgery and both of us need time to digest all of this dreadful news, the Oncologist and the Surgeon try to impress on us that we need to think very carefully about the surgery, the Surgeon had already got a date in his diary to proceed with removing his bladder, we felt like we were being railroaded into the surgery far too fast and we needed to slow it down a little so we could have time to digest everything. Something was screaming at me to take some time before making this radical decision.”


Her first stop was the natural cancer cure, Essiac, given its name by Rene Caisse (“Caisse” spelled backward). The herbal cure consists of four herbs, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner Bark, Sheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root, that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada and is believed to find its roots in the Ojibwa Indians of Canada. (For more info google “Rene Caisse story’’.)
Within a week of his diagnosis, Trevor began Essiac and made an appointment with a naturopath so the couple would have help with every therapy they used, each step of the way. (Very smart.) The doctor ran blood tests to uncover any deficiencies so they could strength his immune system and found that he was almost completely depleted of vitamin D. The then put together a plan that would let them work with conventional tests, MRI’s and scans as well as vitamins, supplements, and diet and lifestyle change.

From the article,

     “The conventional Dr’s gave my husband 18 months to 2 years to live if we did not do      the surgery and the chemo. We did none of them, only natural healing with vitamins diet    and lifestyle change and cannabis oil. I first saw “Run From the Cure” in November 2011    but it took me until April of 2012 to find the oil. It has been hard work for me as a      caregiver and wife and I never stopped my research for 1 day in the last 19 months but    today I can say 19 months after my husband’s first diagnosis he is cancer free and still has    his bladder intact tact. He has been cancer free now for the last two cystoscopies, so five    months Cancer free in February 2014 he has no metastasis to other organs. We have    every one of his medical records, every laser surgery to remove tumors has been recorded    on Cd’s nd (we even have the biopsy slides with pieces of the tumors that were graded    as being aggressive and muscle invasive. We had to travel with them from two Countries,    (this is how we got them released to us) We still have to have regular check ups every    three months but to think 19 months ago he was told he had 18 months to live if he did    not remove his bladder, prostate and some lymph nodes, When the Dr’s realized we were    going to try alternative medicine, they stressed upon us that if he did not do chemo within    the next 6 weeks then my husbands death would be slow and very painful.”

One of the side effects of his natural treatment was that his cholesterol and blood pressure went back to normal. He also looks better than ever and hasn’t been sick once since his journey with cancer began.
Trevor completely changed the way he eats; he consumes no dairy, sugar, white flour or white potatoes and eats mainly a plant-based diet that includes a little fish or chicken and excludes all processed food, pastries, meats, cheeses, etc. He also had Essiac, mega doses of vitamin C and D3, vitamin B17, K2, detox powder’s, then he used DHEA to rebuild his immune so that his body could heal itself. A year after all of that the couple found cannabis oil and added that to his regimen. He did 90 days of cannabis oil and now does maintenance doses, the size of a grain of rice, two or 3 times weekly.


Carole reminds everyone that if we give our body what it needs, it can repair itself!! And the way to do that is with proper diet, nutrition, and vitamin therapy- a total lifestyle change. And don’t forget that God given plant extract, Cannabis oil.
We are so happy for them and so thankful for their willingness to share their story.

Source: Cure Your Own Cancer