Olivia Munn, who needed to get into fighting shape for her role as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse, did so by eating with the 80-20 rule. The 80:20 rule (applied to food) is more like an approach to healthy eating rather than a diet; you choose to eat healthy foods 80 per cent of the time, which then allows you to indulge in your favorite treats 20 per cent of the time. Besides the diet change, the 35 year old, also earned her black belt in taekwondo and learned to fight with a sword.

To get ready for the role, she worked out everyday and ate fruits and veggies for the 80 per cent of her diet. In fact, while weight loss wasn’t her goal, because of her disciplined diet and exercise routine, she dropped 12 lbs. Munn said her only intention was to get as fit and healthy as possible, the weight loss was just a bonus!

I’m so happy to see how well the lifestyle change worked for her. Personally, switching it up to a plant based diet and taking control of my eating and lifestyle helped me immensely. It’s never too late to get healthy and now more than ever, there is tons of help and information available! You can do it!

Source: Coverage Mail