Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order To Advance Global Vaccinations


For those who don’t know, on November 4th, President Obama quietly signed an Executive Order entitled: Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats:

“It is the policy of the United States to advance the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), which is a multi-faceted, multi-country initiative intended to accelerate partner countries’ measurable capabilities to achieve specific targets to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats (GHSA targets), whether naturally occurring, deliberate, or accidental.”

Make no mistake, this is a deliberate attempt to force vaccines and normalize quarantine procedures across nations during outbreaks. And to prove that, check out the GHSA Immunization agenda for participating countries:

  • A functioning national vaccine delivery system—with nationwide reach, effective distributions, access for marginalized populations, adequate cold chain, and ongoing quality control.
  • At least 90% coverage of the country’s 15-month-old population with at least one dose of measles-containing vaccine.

(If you’ll remember, the CDC KNOWS that vaccinating children with the MMR vaccine, UNDER 3 YEARS OLD, sees the risk for autism increase 7 times. This Executive Order is significant and is potentially furthering the autism epidemic we are seeing.)


And thanks to Bill Gates, the CDC will have an easier time keeping track of people with a surveillance tool that helps identify “district-level measles risk” based on immunization records. But, just in case that isn’t enough invasion of privacy, HHS (Health and Human Services) recently proposed giving the CDC the power to detain and quarantine people without due Process. Now, I know the first time we wrote about this many of you didn’t think this was a big deal because, in times of epidemic, the state already has that right- this is how quarantine works, etc. However, that’s not really the issue. The issue is that the CDC gets to define everything. So, even if you haven’t been exposed to anything- they can say you have been and start the process; be it vaccination, quarantine, etc- and you have NO DUE PROCESS:

“CDC may enter into an agreement with an individual, upon such terms as the CDC considers to be reasonably necessary, indicating that the individual consents to any of the public health measures authorized under this part, including quarantine, isolation, conditional release, medical examination, hospitalization, vaccination, and treatment: provided that the individual’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite to any exercise of any authority under this part.

And, if you violate the terms of the agreement or the terms of the Federal order for quarantine, isolation, or conditional release (even if no agreement exists between you and the government), you may be subject to criminal penalties. Because:

“When an apprehension occurs, the individual is not free to leave or discontinue his/her discussion with an HHS/CDC public health or quarantine officer.”

Again, I would ask that you read the plan for yourself so you can familiarize yourself with what Obama signed us up for. We must educate ourselves so we know how to protect ourselves and our families.

Source: Activist Post

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Erin Elizabeth


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  • Namrata Sardar

    The damn CDC needs to be dissolved

  • summer444

    Doesnt matter because Trump will get rid of it.

  • Mary

    Very upset about these executive orders. What a let down. Don’t know how we will recover unless Trump reverses this. With this, and with another “scare” like the ebola, we would immediately be vaccinated no doubt, in “defense from bioweapons.” Meanwhile with all that hype, we never needed nor got vaccines.

  • jazzfeed

    Tool Obama doubles down again, on top of the CDC waving their syringe at us and lashing back against the VAXXED revelations and giving themselves power to detain you for coughing and vaccinate you at their will.

    Bad enough, but now let’s make it a worldwide agenda!

    Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order To Advance Global Vaccinations
    What a blatant BS visual propaganda:
    • Most obviously, it’s posed.
    • They could have made it slightly less obvious if it wasn’t taken in an fkg OPTOMETRIST’S OFFICE!
    • Even if it was a VIDEO of him getting injected, it could be an empty syringe or filled with water (or B12 if he knew enough)
    • Do you get the feeling she’s not even a nurse or any sort of physician’s assistant? I do.

    The Master Deceiver. Good job. Pharma rules.

  • dawest58

    Whomever is in the White House is more or less a figurehead. Big business owns this country and has infiltrated every arm of our government. Just look up how many in the CDC used to be in Pharma firms…

  • davecox69

    Seems that the US is preparing their population to be the new factory workers seeing as China has become more powerful.

  • Jan

    Check your facts. There is NO association between vaccines and autism. You want people to educate themselves. Try it yourself

  • Michelle

    Um. I’m antivax and was a warrior in white and all that, so none of this makes me happy. But. Regular general practice doc’s offices have eye charts- doesn’t make this an optometrist. Hard for people to take anything anti-vax seriously when folks fly off and make leaps of logic like that. Sigh.

  • Johnathan Myers

    They said the same thing about lung cancer and smoking, sugar and hypertension.

  • nuitgoddess

    The MMR vaccine is associated with autism. It is you who must do your reseach. Big Pharma can deliver any poisons or other drugs and we have no recourse. You cannot by law sue Big Pharma.

  • nuitgoddess

    Big Pharma will reap billions of dollars.
    This is a blank check for them. Makes me sick.

  • Debbie Mullins

    Trump’ll throw it out . And yes, the CDC, FDA, IRS all need to go as well

  • Debbie Mullins


  • Jim Sandoval

    Another thing they will have a hard time enforcing

  • K

    Super awesome! all for it. Youre an idiot if you think a 1 in a billion risk of autism is worse than death. It’s not a personal choice if it can kill my kid. End of story. No arguments.

  • Marcus Jasso

    I don’t believe anyone here is referring to autism… Vaccines are not safe for everyone.