Justine Ruszczyk Damond’s fiancé, Don Damond, is finally ready to talk. He recently opened up about his final phone conversation with the love of his life just moments before her July 2017 murder

Telling CBS News, “My first thought was, ‘I want her to be safe.’ And so I said, ‘I think just stay put and call 911 and then call me back.’”1 Sadly, their decision to call 911 proved fatal for Justine. (Our hearts remain with him. We cannot imagine how he feels or what he’s been going through.)


As you will remember, when officers responded to the call, Damond approached the squad car in her pajamas and attempted to speak to the cop in the driver’s seat. However, Officer, Mohamed Noor  opened fire on her, claiming he heard a loud bang and wanted to protect his partner’s life.

Damond continued, “Probably six, seven minutes later, I text her, having not heard from her. I said, ‘Tell me what’s going on.’ At this point, she was already gone. I am still processing it all, you know?” 1

Last week at former Officer Noor’s murder trial, Damond broke down crying when the guilty verdict was read, “It was the acknowledgment that what we know is how tragic this is, how wrong this is, how unjust this was.” 1

He plans to continue to fight for better training for officers.

“I would like the Minneapolis Police Department to go back and consider what, and how officers are trained. I can understand where Black Lives Matter is so angry because you can see the unjustified shooting across this nation, but this is a blue issue.”1

We are thankful that after two years the trial is finally over and her family can move on. Hopefully, in peace. (To read the entire series of holistic doctors that have died over the last couple of years, click here.)


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