Lose More Body Fat

Wait, didn’t we post this weeks ago?  Yes we did but we’ll still repost it because the NYT is just a little slow(er) and we want this to sink in… it’s late so we’ll let you check out this article by the NY Times that talks about a few different studies (some of which say eating more fat fewer carbs helps burn those pounds off. Personally I eat carbs, just not many grains.

From the article

Eating refined carbohydrates tends to raise the overall number of LDL particles and shift them toward the small, dense variety, which contributes to atherosclerosis. Saturated fat tends to make LDL particles larger, more buoyant and less likely to clog arteries, at least when carbohydrate intake is not high, said Dr. Ronald M. Krauss, the former chairman of the American Heart Association’s dietary guidelines committee.

We’ll stick with low grain no pain theory.

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