Millionaire Kills Autistic Son

Since Crack News Network (CNN) won’t let me embed this video and barely make it a headline story I want to share this video instead and know that wherever Jude is right now… That he is feeling better and in no pain <3

There were thousands of  prescription ills found at the scene.

Millionaire Kills Autistic Son

Gigi Jordan had checked into the luxury Peninsula Hotel in Manhattan in a suite that was well over 2,000 USD per night. She brought countless prescription pills and autopsy experts say judging from the bruising on the boy – she forced a cocktail of prescription drugs down little 8 year old Jude Mirra’s throat and washed it down with orange juice and vodka.

From the article about this Pharmaceutical Millionaire killing her autistic son:

When her Manhattan trial opened last month, Jordan showed no emotion as a prosecutor described to a jury a “chilling and horrifying scenario” in which Jordan allegedly forced the autistic boy to swallow a deadly drug cocktail. Bruises on the boy’s nose, chin and chest indicated that she got on top of him and pressed the poisonous mix of painkillers and anti-inflammatories down his throat with a syringe, the prosecutor alleged.

We find it sad and ironic that a former Pharmaceutical millionaire would use a cocktail of these very drugs to kill her young boy. The truly sad part? We don’t find it terribly surprising.

Sadly it gets worse.

At an autopsy, four of the painkillers and anti-inflammatories used to kill Jude were recovered undigested from his stomach, prosecutors said. Orange juice and vodka were used to wash down the drugs.

“His fate was sealed,” assistant district attorney Matt Bogdanos said in opening statements. “He didn’t die fast. One by one, his vital organs shut down. It didn’t take minutes. It took hours to die.”

While Jude lay dying, Bogdanos said, Jordan sent an email to a financial adviser instructing him to transfer the $125,000 trust she set up for her son to her personal account.

It turns out that the Big Pharma former exec is said to have hated both her ex husbands as well.  We say let a few pot growers who are doing 25 to life for growing a plant free. Let them free and lock Ms. Jordan up instead.


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