Due to suspicions from his family, 89- year-old World War II veteran James Dempsey’s room at a Georgia nursing home was fixed with a camera. And it is only because of that camera that justice will now be done. You see, as he lay dying and asking for help, his nurses ignored him and laughed while failing to take critical measures that could have prevented his death.1

Mable Turman, a certified nurse assistant, is facing charges of “neglect to an elder person,” former licensed practical nurse (LPN) Wanda Nuckles is facing a charge of “depriving an elder person of essential services,” and former LPN Loyce Pickquet Agyeman is facing charges of both neglect and felony murder.

“These charges come nearly four years after the 2014 incident in which the nurses ignored Dempsey as he cried out for help, saying that he couldn’t breathe. Eventually, he became unresponsive, at which point the nurses failed to perform CPR immediately and didn’t call 911 until 57 minutes after he became unresponsive, according to 11Alive. In the meantime, Nuckles even started laughing while trying to start up an oxygen machine.” 2

It goes without saying that this type of behavior is utterly unacceptable and disgusting.

“The nursing home wasn’t made aware of the video that captured these events until 2015, and the nurses weren’t fired until an additional ten months after that. Finally, the video only became public after 11Alive got approval from a judge to release it this past November as part of a lawsuit filed by Dempsey’s family.

The lawsuit and the 11Alive investigation then prompted local authorities to re-open the case, leading to the new indictments for the three nurses. Arrest warrants have since been issued for all three as well, although no trial date has yet been set.”3

We are grateful for the work of the 11Alive investigation as we are sure his family is as well.

Our hearts go out to them now and hope that they can finally have a bit of closure. We will update this story once we have additional information.


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