Mercola ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So you might have seen Dr. Mercola pouring freezing cold water over my head during my ice bucket challenge  (which challenged ALS Association to stop doing experiments on monkeys and start appropriating their funds better and use it toward preventative measures/natural cures. But now here I am pouring it over HIS head with his special message. I’m making a donation to a great non profit who does no animal research and check out the video to see how Dr Mercola is giving up to $50,000 USD to a great non profit too (Grass Roots) in the name or prevention and health!

I am overcoming an auto immune disorder which is Lyme disease. I’ve seen many with Lyme progress to ALS so I feel for these people tremendously and also had a friend who passed from ALS. I cannot imagine the suffering they are going through but hope through prevention nutrition and modern science (without outdated animal research (even the NIH has said that it is) we can bring more attention to ALS and maybe some day eradicate the disease altogether XO

Watch now! Enjoy!

erin-elizabeth-healthnutnewsABOUT THE AUTHOR

Erin  is an animal lover, rescuer, writer  and long time green eco health nut. She’s worked in the natural health world and done volunteer work in the same arena for nearly 25 years. She has spent the last 5 years with her partner, Dr. Mercola.  You can follow her here on Facebook and subscribe to her newsletter if you please.