A new study from researchers at Cornell University in New York has found that 18 different dog foods (and some cat) contain trace amounts of the poison glyphosate.


Some of the foods tested were:

  • IAMS premium puppy food
  • Pedigree adult complete Nutrition
  • Cesar Home Delight Beef Stews
  • Nutro Grain Free Sans Cereales for cats (bag even states it’s certified GMO-free)


“For the study, the team purchased the products at local PetSmart and Target retail outlets in Tompkins County, New York, and tested them at Cornell’s labs. The 18 feeds were all mixtures of vegetable and meat ingredients, and one product was certified GMO-free.

Because there is not enough data to determine the effect glyphosate has on domesticated animals, the team used the guidelines for humans as a benchmark.”1

The current EPA recommended limit of glyphosate in food is 30 parts per million (ppm). Researchers calculated that that would mean no more than 0.7 percent of the limit set for American adults. Results showed “that all of the products contained glyphosate at concentrations ranging from a 80 to 2,000 micrograms of glyphosate per kilogram,” currently lower than the EPA’s allowable limit.

“However, they found that brands with more fiber contained higher levels, suggesting the origin is plant-based. ‘We know that glyphosate is only certified for spraying on crops, and it does not bio-accumulate in animals, so we would not expect it to come from feed animals that are the main protein sources in some of the products,’ Dr Hay said. ‘Our evidence suggests that it’s coming from plant material.’

The researchers said they were surprised that glyphosate was detected in the one GMO-free product tested. While the US Department of Agriculture requires that companies meet a common standard for meat and poultry that claims to be ‘Non-GMO’, the same is not true for processed foods, plant-based foods, eggs, and dairy products.

Because that no verification is required, this suggests that the herbicide may be present even in GMO-free markets. The researchers say it is hard to find a product completely free of glyphosate but recommends pet owners do research before selecting a brand.”2


As people continue to file lawsuits, 800 over the past year, the bricks in the Monsanto facade continue to fall. And this is just another brick.

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