(Note from Erin: Thank you so much to our friend Larry Cook for highlighting this issue.)

Before her two shots of Gardasil, Kristin Bell was a healthy, athletic, high-functioning 26-year-old woman. However, unaware of the serious health risks of the vaccine, she got the HPV vaccine and her life was forever changed. Thankfully, nine years later she is in recovery.

“In May 2008, Kristin received the first of two Gardasil shots. Two weeks after the vaccine she fell during karate and broke her foot even though she had been athletic her entire life with minimal injury. On crutches for six weeks, with her foot in a moon boot, was more than inconvenient as she began a new job. A few months later, in August 2008, she received a second Gardasil dose as she was healing newly off crutches. About a month later in September, she suffered from a series of bizarre health issues. Kristin lost her vision, but luckily her sight returned. Following her visual issues, her balance began to deteriorate and she was unable to ‘stand in high heels, dance, jump, run, skip, or walk in a straight line’ due to her gradual lack of coordination and balance. As if her condition could not worsen, she then lost her handwriting ability, had impaired speech, and experienced body twitching and shaking when she intended to move or even for a simple task. The right side of Kristin’s body was primarily affected — so much so, she assumed she was having a stroke. Her body would take months to recover from cuts and bruises – often due to her increasing clumsiness and poor coordination that often led to re-injury.”1

(The more and more we study this particular vaccine, it seems that healthy, athletic women are especially harmed by Gardasil. In fact, there was a Danish investigative story done on it but it appears that YouTube took it down.)

Upon discussing her health with her doctor, she was assured her symptoms were stress related, a pinched-nerve, or “insanity.”

“Kristin’s new GP referred her to a Neurologist who initially determined she had Multiple Sclerosis (MS), despite no visible indication from any of her scans or medical tests. Kristin was administered three doses of the steroid, IV Methylprednisolone, for three consecutive days with not much improvement. By December 2008, she had resigned from her job as her health dramatically plummeted. Kristin sought out a second opinion from a different Neurologist and after examining her physical issues, he asked, ‘Have you had any vaccines lately?’ Several of his patients had similar negative issues and disabling reactions. The common injury thread was found in the needle of poison – Gardasil.”1

Over the next couple of months Kristin experienced hallucinations, blackouts, insomnia, chronic illness, nausea, “brain fog,” and an inability to do basic tasks. Then in June of 2009, PET scans found that her cerebellum (the part of the brain that controls movement, motor and sensory function, and coordination) had turned off. She was struggling to eat, walk, speak, and write.


And her “immune system was failing and she discovered her myelin sheath – which acts like coating around her nerves, had dissolved. For the next year, she was in the hospital every 28 days for an Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy (IVIG) treatment. In addition to the IVIG, and the major headaches this treatment caused, Kristin also received physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, and hydrotherapy.”1

Kristin was diagnosed with the condition Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) which is defined as “an immune mediated disease of the brain. It usually occurs following a viral infection but may appear following vaccination, bacterial or parasitic infection, or even appear spontaneously. As it involves autoimmune demyelination, it is similar to Multiple Sclerosis, and is considered part of the Multiple Sclerosis borderline diseases.”


Kristin also pursued additional therapies and testing to improve her health. Under the care of a homeopath that specialized in vaccine injuries, she found success with homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy has decreased her tremors and helped improve her speech and balance. Chiropractic has also contributed to Kristin’s healing through the stimulation of her nervous system and cerebellum. In 2014, Kristin submitted a hair sample for metal testing, – and even after 6 years post Gardasil injections, her Aluminum levels were still high. (Aluminum is a predominant ingredient in Gardasil.) Kristin’s poor health also indicated her body was not absorbing the nutrients from her food. As a result, she also consulted with a nutritionist. Throughout her challenging vaccine injury healing process, she has investigated her health from diverse modalities, angles, and approaches with incredible perseverance, fortitude, and determination.

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  1. Stop Mandatory Vaccination