New Video Shows Bloodied Doctor Being Assaulted & Dragged Off Oversold United Airlines Flight

This doctor had paid full price for his seat on a United Airlines flight to get home, but was assaulted and dragged off as the flight was oversold


This weekend, when a 69-year-old doctor attempted to fly home to his patients, he was literally ripped from the seat he had paid for and dragged with his arms over his head through the aisle of an overbooked United Airlines aircraft. The CEO didn’t apologize for the violence and appears to have condoned it to staff. (However, the “security officer” who assaulted the doctor has been suspended from his duties.) The mainstream media, public, those on the left and right, all seem outraged right now (feel free to share your comments below).

When the flight found itself full and needing to make room for four United employees who had to return to Louisville, the airline offered vouchers and hotel stays for customers who volunteered to take a different flight the next day. When no one did, they made random selections. Many say they should have offered more.

Police (and aviation security)  say they were called after the passenger “became irate” because he was asked to leave the oversold flight. Tyler Bridges, who took the video posted to Facebook, said the doctor returned to the plane after being pulled off with his face bloodied.

In response to the video being posted, aviation officials said, “Aviation Officers arrived on the scene attempted to carry the individual off of the flight when he fell. His head subsequently struck an armrest causing injuries to his face. The man was taken to Lutheran General hospital for his injuries.”

However, passengers who were present say the authorities are outright LYING and that a lawsuit should be filed against the thugs who assaulted this well-respected doctor.

As you can imagine, the video has sparked outrage online. In response to the situation, Oscar Munoz, United CEO said, “This is an upsetting event to all of us here at United. I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers. Our team is moving with a sense of urgency to work with the authorities and conduct our own detailed review of what happened.”  He then told United and all involved they did the right thing (He’s digging himself a much deeper hole by supporting the beating of an elderly man/doctor).

We for one will be boycotting United Airlines.

 Source: NY Times

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Shine

    um, they were removing paying passengers to accommodate deadheading employees? they could have ridden in the galley. ridiculous… i hope he sues the crap outta United.

  • Suzanne Davis

    The airlines should stop overbooking. They are selling seats they don’t have, which should be illegal. Sell what you legitimately have, and any cancellations can be used for standby passengers like back in the old days before airlines got so out of control in their policies.

  • Julie L. Taylor

    It’s a Frickin POWER TRIP Nowadays!!!!! no-one dares speak up or get in trouble! Ridiculous they overbook Hugely and I even flew with the Airlines in the good ole days when it was Great, Fun and Wonderful Customer Sevice! BUT HOW THINGS AND TIMES HAVE CHANGED>>>>>> IT’s An Outcry and the CEO Has the balls to condone this! OUtrageous! SUE SUE SUE>>>> and Rightfully SO! Wish Someone else would of Volunteered to give up their seat- I Certainly Would have under Any Circumstance!!! No DOubt in my mind!!!! SPEAK UP PEOPLE- DOn’t be Afraid!1 U STILL HAVE RIGHTS!!!!

  • Mary

    NO. It is NOT JUST AN “OPINION.” It’s not about disagreement folks!


    UNBELIEVABLE!! ……… It’s the equivalent to dragging a customer by the arms out of a retail store for not wanting to give their purchased blouse to another customer!!
    Would you like THAT??? How different is that?


    Who the hell cares he was “ASKED” to get out – HE PAID FOR HIS FLIGHT!!!

    WHO cannot understand that?? Are we giving up our humanity to EVERYONE who wants to s-it on us??

    Comply??…. COMPLY???
    WHOOO was acting like a child?


    And be injured BY THAT ACT OF FORCE???!!

    And the AIRLINE ALLOWED those policemen to be violent.


    They could have CHOSEN to persuade another passenger..
    They could have CHOSEN to give a better offer to another…
    They could have CHOSEN to put the employees on another flight or other mode of travel..(They have the PROFITS!!)
    They could have CHOSEN to be good, ethical human beings..
    They could have CHOSEN NOT TO ABUSE!

    I will not be flying United – EVER.

    I hope the doctor sues the hell out of them

  • Mary

    They are not allowing me to play the first video. I could play the second by Erin.

  • Peter Jacobs

    Sorry, you tired my brain.. Stay on-topic..

  • Elipine

    That’s assault and battery and attempted manslaughter, they were intentionally hurting him repeatedly and him being 69 years old and fragile is the reason why I say attempted manslaughter or attempted murder. He was harrassed and chased down and hunted and KIDNAPPED and falsely imprisoned. There are alot of different charges that I see.

  • Bonnie

    The world has become an Big Brother Watching and it is scary. The control over the general population by governments and huge companies is more prevalent every day. Such a shame. We have a beautiful planet with all the best of things and we humans can’t get along. Our food sources are becoming filled with poisons, our insurance companies are taking control of our bodies, big chemical companies are spewing poisons into everything. All for power and greed so a few people are in control and rich. People are so busy trying to keep up with all that is happening they have lost touch with one another. Sad.

  • Sharon

    This article is mis-titled. The flight wasn’t overbooked it was booked to capacity. The seats were needed to arrange for a crew of four to get to Louisville to do another flight or otherwise that flight would cancel causing inconvenience to an entire Florida get load.

  • Sharon

    Seems I cannot edit… inconvenience to an entire flight load.

  • Kathryn Thomason Cleveland

    Thank you. We should all be outraged at this. The thug “officers” should be charged with assault and United’s CEO should step down.

  • gertrude van voorden

    Maybe some introspection would be good. First passengers were asked to volunteer to get off the overbooked flight. At that time an evaluation could have been made as to who really needed to be at the other end. Selfish people, so noone volunteered and they had the computer select which person or persons had to get off. On the dutch news. If not complying with police and even putting up resistance, will always produce ugly scenes and regularly deaths even. I do not know the company or whether it is guilty of making mistakes like overbooking regularly/often. That however is a different issue. It all starts with no person being willing to take a later flight. Maybe they all had important business on the other end that could not wait, not for me to judge. I wonder though. If creative the passengers staying could even have collected some money to present those willing to take that later flight a nice time while waiting. That said none of us are irreplacable. If that doctor had gotten the flu he would have had no qualms to cancel his appointments at the last minute. Just seems to be more of the american attitude ME FIRST.

  • Kimberly L. Djo

    Yeah… Corporations are screaming..WE Have The Right.. Well– Thanks Government to letting them have such over whelming rights.. And if anyone flies with United Airlines.. Says.. This is OK.. Because it is not.. WE are Human Beings.. WE Need to WAKE UP…This is wrong…

  • Stepan Lian

    Corporations ruling. They don’t give a fuck about people. Welcom to capitalism.

  • Tamra Walderon

    Except that the flight to Louisville was the next day. Wondering why United couldn’t rent a car and have their employees drive the 3 hours.

  • Tamra Walderon

    In order to profit, capitalists must consider their customers if they intend to grow their capital. Just because some corporations behave like this doesn’t mean that capitalism is to blame. Corporate greed is to blame on this one. That may be a result of capitalism, but it certainly was not the cause.

  • Tamra Walderon

    I see your issue. Originally, I tended to agree. However, I do feel like United could’ve rented a car for their four crew members and had them drive the three hours rather than inconvenience paying customers. Airlines are actually legally allowed to overbook by a certain percentage and do so to instill full flights regardless of no shows.

  • Ana Esquivel DeSemper

    I really think that the passengers on that flight should have stood by the doctor. They could have stopped the situation. At least show they disagreed. Physically standing on the aisle they could have stopped the man being dragged.

  • Diane

    What a horrific scene! Those security officers behaved terribly. Nothing like that ever should have happened! I pray he is ok and sues United.

  • Trabuki

    Quick poll: How many here would have jumped up to give up their own seat once they saw this poor, Asian doctor being bullied into leaving the plane? Or would you just film it on your smartphone?

  • Cheryl Whiting Northcott

    Another example of the disconnect big companies have from their customers,they just don’t apply common sense that the customer should be treated with respect as they are the company’s income source!to resort to violence to solve this issue is beyond bizarre

  • DLHay

    This is inhumane!! Period!! Keep upping the financial incentives from your billions of dollars in profits you make every year and people will eventually take them. Stopping at 800 dollars then resorting to beating your elderly paid passengers is beyond insanity!! Boycott United for Life!

  • DLHay

    Hallelujah, that is how it needs to be said!!

  • elaine Ritasdaughter

    boycott United Airlines!

  • Annette Copeland

    They knew they had crew members that had to be someplace. Tell the heading is correct they over booked that flight!

  • Annette Copeland

    *So as far as I’m concerned the heading was correct!

  • Annette Copeland

    You taking this poll is suggesting everyone on that plane was heartless. Unless we were on the airplane we cannot answer truthfully. Maybe this would not have happened had they not allowed everyone to board the plane in the first place!!

  • Annette Copeland

    That is after they found themselves in a pickle and didn’t have enough seats on the plane for the passengers!!

  • Mark Salter

    Its alllll about Profits.. – BOYCOTT UNITED… and AIR CANADA too.. they are all over-booking and booting the discounted seats first.. then see.. what “profit$” they have left to play with..

  • Erwin Alber

    They should have increased the money offers until they had 4 takers!

  • arlys

    wow, some of these comments makes me feel this is what happens when people are totally clueless. I am a retired 36 year Flight Attendant. Not from United but every airline pretty much works the same. When crew members need to cover a flight its very important and does not happen often. The people that are chosen to leave are those who booked last minuet. Seems like the money offered was up to 1300 but not sure. The airlines is the only company that absolutely has to go by the rules or they could cause big problems down the road with people who love to cause problems if we bend them. If you read the fine print on your ticket it gives you the rules. It’s a no brainer to see how things have progressively changed. When I started working 36 years ago I saw well mannered, well dressed, respected people who flew to many now who are poorly dressed, disrespectful with such a manner of entitlement. “if you can’t get what you want, sue” Not saying that if was right for security to cause harm (not sure it was out of defense or not) . What bothers me, this man who was asked to leave should have obeyed the rules (tough thing now) and left. It does not matter who you are, OBEY. It is totally the safety of everyone else on the plane. Yet he decided to react in a way a young child would having a tantrum. Causing a scene that causes all the other passengers to suffer and above all delay their flight. Who knows the motive behind this action of his, he was totally out of line. Of course he will want to sue, and even if the airline gives him free passes what is this saying to the public???? Hmmm he is setting a good example for someone else to do the same. Thanks

  • ITSa341

    The ABC news article has it wrong. The law requires the airline to give seating preference to confirmed tickets which this passenger had and specifies that employees do not get preference. Once the seats were full the tickets were all confirmed and the employees needed to make other arrangements according to the law.

  • Cheri

    Clearly there were more peaceful alternatives to this situation that could have been chosen. And a CEO who condones this behavior should reconsider his ability to lead his company to greatness. Violence is never the answer. How can we be examples to each other if we continue to support such horridness in our world. I too will boycott United Airlines. The CEO will see much repercussion for his ill choice in words and the gentleman who assaulted this passenger will see much backlash for his actions. Not everyone sees barbaric behavior as acceptable. I clearly do not.

  • Liz Gill

    Many did, there were people screaming at them to stop and that they were hurting him. Some people I felt were risking getting thrown off as well, very pissed off and upset. One person said some left the plane, they felt ill by what they had witnessed. Didn’t want $800 but disgusted by the violence toward a fellow human being….Humanity.

  • Dawn

    I was deeply sadden by the force that happen here. In front of children and passengers. I can see this in a 3rd world country but the USA. This has got to stop and United needs to make up to this man for what he was put through. Myself United will not be a airline I will book for my travel….

  • Liz Gill

    What a pile of crap. The airline was out of line. That crew was not flying until the next day, they could have driven there. This was the Airline being cheapskates and saving a dollar at the expensive of a paying customer. They were not even at the limit of their incentive bonuses they are allowed to offer for people to give up a seat. That man was 69 years old and a doctor, who really thought it would go well for the airline to brutally drag the man off the plane. They are getting exactly what they deserve and the airline is now apologizing, though that would not be enough in my opinion.
    This is just an extension of the over-reaching security screening and overall treating people like crap, like cattle….Moo, be a good little cow and do as you are told while we beat up your doctor, grope your children, and strip you naked for daring to question us groping your children. Another step in how far can we go until 100% appose our tactics. Apparently pretty far, since there is still one person at least defending the actions of the indefensible.

  • prolewoman

    amazing how some of the passengers were so unfeeling. Reminded me brain washed zombie citizens in the old Sci Fi movies.

  • Helen White

    You know what, instead of it being FINE print, if that is one excuse to go with, then it should not be in the FINE print, don’t ya think??? Maybe in big BLOCK LETTERS, it should be right up front on top in bold letters, not teeny tiney letters…but that still does not excuse this, you can see this type of behavior on the nightly news of what and how citizens are treated in war countries, as I type this…wow, any one that attempts to make reason or excuse for this…should be ashamed…

  • MsTdt4321 .

    Boycott United!

  • Sandie Rita Yvette Forget

    Saying that this man not giving up his seat will inconvenience another plane full of passengers might be true but this is the Airline’s own problem not their passengers. From what I’ve read in their customer reviews bad behaviour is normal for this airline. What isn’t normal is that they’ve injured someone and that could be a permanent injury. The airline is responsible for whatever actions their security take. What I saw on the videos was they actually caused his injury when they were taking him out of the seat. How horrible for him and the other passengers who saw this. He seemed to be unconscious as they dragged him through the aisle and then after they let him back on he was acting disoriented, confused, he obviously had a brain injury. United Airlines being apologetic and their flimsy excuses is unbelievable, this airline should be totally shut down for doing bodily harm to a passenger and every single person who flies should boycott. This is too serious to be taken so lightly. Nothing justifies this behaviour. Security workers do not have the right to harm anyone and if their employer implies they can do whatever it takes they should be able to report them to some authority who can do something to stop this from continuing.

  • Sandie Rita Yvette Forget

    What if they had and still no takers? It is not the passenger’s problem to solve this airlines problem. I can’t imagine them doing this to me and we should all know by know they will do this to anyone and not care one bit if we say no. We have the right to say no. They do not have the right to touch us, drag us out of our seat, drag us down the aisle when we have been injured because of them forcing us out of our seat. Why did they let him back on the flight? They should have called for medical assistance as he obviously was severely injured. Everything about the way they do business is wrong and should be stopped.

  • Sandie Rita Yvette Forget

    Give me a break, making excuses is just not right. Nice to always look at two sides of a situation but the point is they forced him and did bodily harm to do it. Yes, he resisted, he has the right to do that. As for the other people being selfish, wow, United Airlines are selfish to expect their errors need to be ‘fixed’ by their passengers. No, it’s not for you to judge or anyone else to judge who’s business or appointments or family get together s or funerals etc. are more important than someone else’s. You mention creative passengers, why should they put out more of their hard earned money, how is it their responsibility? How is this about the american attitude of “me first.” You totally shock me by your response. Why are you making this anyone else’s problem but the Airline and the Security people? What a totally ignorant post you wrote!

  • Sandie Rita Yvette Forget

    I saw her issue too and that was to put the blame on passengers. The way she is sticking up for the Airline and making it all about the passengers could have done something to be more helpful…omg…that is totally crazy. I’m sure if this had of happened to her she would be outraged if people made excuses for the Airline and the Security. Either she works for them or has her own plane. However you look at what happened it is definitely not about Americans being all about themselves. That is just such an ignorant comment I can’t believe she ever said it!

  • GoodStew

    just my 2 cents…

    So with a user name like ‘GoodStew’, it’s obvious what I do for a living, right? So, as the entire country continues to judge this well publicized fiasco by their personal standards, perhaps I can shed a little insight and light on how the airlines operate.

    Contrary to some people’s belief, most airlines aren’t typically a vindictive bunch out to screw their passengers. All airlines base their decisions on cost effectiveness and operational procedures. For ex: Those 4 deadheading flight crew are considered, “must rides” and/or “positive space” because they need to report to another flight waiting for them in Louisville. That flight in Louisville cannot operate without them and there were probably many passengers awaiting that flight. Maybe the agents knew in advance and missed it, or maybe it was an oversight and/or last minute decision. At that point, the reasons, and who was at fault doesn’t really matter. The fact remains, they needed 4 more seats. Two passengers readily accepted the offer and the so-called doctor (later found NOT to be a doctor) and his wife were asked to leave. His wife (IMHO, smarter than him) readily complied and walked off with dignity. He (pseudo doctor) chose to be forcibly removed squealing all the way while being drug by his feet.

    The airplane is the property of UA, meaning it belongs to UA and that also gives them (UA) the right to ask you to leave their property if they deem it necessary. They actually do have reasons (aside from torturing passengers). Nevertheless their reasoning may not appeal to you, (hint: see cost effectiveness above and staffing the next flight etc) Interestingly enough, it’s actually written on your ticket that they have the right to do this.

    Yes, our pseudo doctor paid for his ticket, as did everyone else. However, in an attempt to repair a problem and transport a crew of 4, UA made a decision to remove two specific passengers based on their policies and procedures. He was not chosen randomly. It’s not an uncommon practice in the airline industry — what is uncommon is a man who chooses to be escorted off by his feet squealing , rather than walk off the aircraft with dignity, contact his attorney, and deal w UA in an appropriate manner. Then again, such practical methods of dealing w a problem would not make news headlines, would they? Then what would America do for excitement and drama? I get it.. airline bashing is fun. There’s always the chance they will give u a free ride if you’re Pi$$ed off enough… I like bashing them too, but for different reasons — like my paycheck.

    All passengers were offered money (an amount typically more than they paid for their ticket) as well as hotel accommodations and food while in Chicago. No one responded… So a choice was made. Were there specific reasons “he” was chosen? Yes, I suspect it had to do with his fare and/or possible status with UA, I don’t know what those particular specs are, but I do know he was NOT randomly chosen because the agents didn’t like him. They actually follow a process set forth by their company.

    Here’s the thing… Most large airlines overbook and it’s that very process that keeps the price of airline tickets so low. Let me explain: Major airlines are low priced ticket carriers (UA, AA, DL) They make the most money of course when they can fill, and keep their airplanes filled up to capacity. The only way they can be assured that they will fill the airplane up to capacity, is by overbooking.

    Those very few airlines that don’t overbook (Alaska comes to mind) not only charge considerably higher fares, they do not give you a refund, for any reason, unless of course, you pay more for a refundable ticket. Even If you cancel in advance (death, illness, change of plans etc) you get no refund unless you are holding a refundable ticket. Boom! Done deal! There are very few no-show passengers with this arrangement, therefore they don’t have to overbook. Now, they’ve got your money even if you don’t show up. Their refund policy is written on their website for all to see, but who reads that nonsense?

    On a personal note:
    when I/we travel, we pay for our tickets on Alaska Airlines and SouthWest. Even though I am an airline employee we chose to pay full fare for our tickets. I pick my seat online early, I show up early and bring a small carry-on that includes necessary, personal items that fit under the seat. The reason I don’t use my benefit passes is because the larger carriers like UA, AA, DL are typically filled up with cheaper fares, which allow more people to fly who normally couldn’t afford to. But before you jump all over me for insulting you, I realize that not every fare is cheap, but surely ~and don’t call me Shirley~ you must know, the majority of people in coach pay minimal fares. So, now that we’ve established how and why all seats are filled, you can relax about those damned airline employees riding around the world scott-free, and drinking ‘mint juleps’ in first class. Another Factoid: employees typically don’t have a chance of getting on most flights, let alone in first class. If I need to be somewhere, I buy my tickets. The great benefits that airline employees once enjoyed (and so many seemed to envy) left the building with airline de-regulation in the early 80s. (just in case you’re wondering…) It’s sort of a good news/bad news situation — I have great benefits but I can’t use them.

    All airlines have a “no-show factor” that they base overbooking on. They actually pay actuaries to figure this stuff out. So they hedge, and base their decisions on past history. In using past history, they are counting on a certain percentage of passengers who will not show up on that day, than overbook based on that figure. Occasionally they’re right on. Mostly they’re off, but not by much. In which case, they will gladly pay and/or offer a few passengers a good deal to leave voluntarily. Typically, passengers feel that it’s a worthwhile proposition. (except to Louisville)

    So why not offer more money? God knows they have enough, right? Well… I’m not exactly an advocate for the airline industry, I don’t want to see any of them fold, since my pay is dependent on their survival. (not UA either) I do tend to think offering more money is sort of an extortion. If that man (who refused to get off) had the lowest fare, and UA offered him $800, a considerable amount more than the fare he paid to Louisville, what then? Exactly what is his price? 1K? 5K? 10K? Nah… truth is, he was offered a reasonable amount which was over and beyond what he paid, including accommodations and food but apparently it wasn’t enough for him. Can you see how upping the carrots on this one could set a precedent for future chaos? The compensation offered is no longer good enough so now the airline needs to continually up the ante until it meets an offer the passengers can’t refuse. Yeah right. That’ll fly — I’m sure of it. (then we will have fist fights over who wants off…)

    I’ve been in the airline industry a very long time, almost 5 decades. As an airline employee I’d like to add a few personal opinions that I’ve observed throughout the years. Btw, I still love my job, and I’m good at what I do. Defusing a passenger is one of my favorite skills (thank u very much) So here’s what I know and have learned over a gazillion years: regardless of the situation, people (self included) always have choices in how they respond and conduct themselves. The amount of emotional response from passengers, observers and this man, was so over the top, it’s hard for me to comprehend. Say what? Front page news about how UNITED abused a passenger. I am appalled over the masses who see this passenger as a guy whose behavior was totally okay because he was victimized by that mean old United Airlines, a true villain if ever there was one, who continually persecutes passengers for no reason. Did UA persecute him? Abuse him? I don’t see it that way at all.

    He was asked to leave several times before the authorities were summoned. I have no doubt he was warned that if he didn’t get off voluntarily, he would be taken off by the police. Anyone could see that UA and the police had the power here.

    Think about this… would you leave if you were on someone else’s property and they asked you to leave? No? How about after they advised you they were going to call the police? I know I sure would. If I saw 3 cops heading for me, with a look that implied: you’re time is up — you’re leaving pal, I’m sure I could be persuaded to volunteer and walk off.

    He chose to indulge in a “power struggle” on United Airlines property, a company who was holding the cards and decided to involve the police. Was UA wrong? You betcha! But NOT because of their decision to off that passenger. They had to make a decision and that was the least unfair for everyone involved. They clearly made a major mistake with their boarding counts and procedures. A bad one, especially since the aircraft was already fully boarded. Nevertheless, the problem had a resolution – one that obviously was unfair to one particular man — but ultimately the most fair and best choice for the majority of people on that flight to Louisville, as well as the flight leaving Louisville waiting for its crew. Make no mistake, the agents who made the decision were not happy campers regarding this process either. They also seek answers from upper management when situations arise.

    Dr. Pseudo had a choice. He could have: (1) taken the money and complied in the beginning when he was asked to leave (2) He could have complied, walked off the airplane UPRIGHT on his feet with dignity but in protest, then file a complaint against UA. (3) He could have complied, called his lawyer, who I’m sure would gladly have taken it up with UA in a court of law. Unfortunately, he didn’t choose any of those civil options. He chose number (4) blatantly refusing to leave UA property and consequently was dragged off the airplane by his feet in a humiliating manner by his feet, squealing on the way out.

    CLEARLY, this was NO Dr. Mercola. Oh wait! That guy only pretended to be a doctor.

    Yes, Dr Drama was unfortunately selected to do something that was totally unfair. I get that… Yet we all know, there are always things in life that aren’t fair. Due to circumstances, sometimes we have to comply now and argue about our rights later. THAT was one of those times. What’s most absurd about this whole scenario is of course, his outrageous behavior — like a spoiled, belligerent child, throwing a temper tantrum and demanding attention, screaming like a wounded banshee as they drug him out by his feet. I don’t know if he was humiliated, but I think this was a very foolish choice on his part, yet somehow it commanded sympathy from the public. I really don’t get that :-/ Instead of walking off like a man, and dealing with it later (perhaps going for the juggler in a court of law) he allowed himself to be physically pulled off the aircraft as if that action would support his case. Initially there “might” have been a lucrative pay-off from UA (although I doubt it – since I suspect UA knows their rights more than he knew his) but now his actions have only managed to complicate the matter.


  • Sandie Rita Yvette Forget

    Another ignorant person calling people who react normally clueless. If I’m going on a plane to a funeral and book it last minute, well, sorry lady but I didn’t know my brother would die till the last minute. Whatever the reason someone books last minute, why does that make their flight less important than anyone else’s. This wasn’t about someone being disrespectful and that you added you’re not saying it was right to cause harm and then adding but you’re not sure it was out of defense or not? You are saying it could have been his own fault for not ‘obeying’ the rules. Calling obeying the rules a tough thing, wow, those rules are disrespectful as is everything I’ve read about United Airlines in customer reviews. His so called tantrum was caused by the Airline and the Security Guards and it was warrented. When people are treated disrepectfully they need to be loud so others will know what is happening to them and help them. We need to be NOT following the rules more and NOT sitting around thinking we have no power. When someone is being harmed there should be NO excuses at all. You are a person that has an agenda and it’s for the Airlines not the man that could have just been severely brain damaged by this. The airline giving a free pass for brain damage, that’s crazy lady. What this is showing is that Security Guards on an Airline have too much power and could harm anyone without a care in the world. Maybe the video of this man will help stop Airlines from assuming they can do whatever they want and passengers will boycott any airline like United forever and hopefully put them out of business. Maybe the Government will get involved and put regulations in place so an Airline knows they cannot permit their passengers to be harmed. This was United Airlines fault and nothing can change that. An apology, or money, or a damn free ticket is nothing. Cheap ignorant people who are running United Airlines.

  • Tanya Ireland

    This should not be taken lightly. This is sad and they should be shut down.

  • God’s Kid

    SICK. They demolished his reputation too!

  • Nina Marrocco

    That is CRIMINAL!!! They are nothing but Unlawful thugs! This is what they do in communist countries!!!

  • Nina Marrocco

    I do hope United Airlines takes a nosedive never to be heard of again!

  • Nina Marrocco

    Maybe they targeted certain people, this is Insane!

  • Launa Fouts Hanson

    Would have been a lot cheaper…now it will cost them MILLIONS….fools

  • Erwin Alber

    Well, if the airline was within their legal rights I guess it would be futile to sue. Mind you, they should and probably could be sued for EXCESSIVE force.

  • Erwin Alber

    They should have known and taken into account the need for 4 seats for that crew well in advance. It seems to me that this was a good and proper f**k up all round, and badly handled at that. I am tempted to say “Only in America!”

  • Erwin Alber

    I feel similar revulsion and disgust when I watch videos of babies and children being poisoned with vaccines. Let’s face it – we live in a very violent society.

  • Erwin Alber

    I agree. The airline could also have chartered a small plane to fly the crew to their destination.

  • Lemsip

    Boycott United Airlines. A very large rabbit who was being transported to his new owner died during the flight and staff did not notice until the plane had arrived at the destination. Did they not keep an eye on the rabbit.

  • joyce wagner

    It has become common place now, but I find it very interesting that the main stream news does not provide complete coverage in a news story, ….to include that Dao’s recently reinstated medical license was surrendered in 2005 due to professional sexual misconduct, positive test results for controlled substance, pattern of deception, obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit convictions, including trading drugs for sex, all of which certainly reflects heavily upon his credibility and would work favorably in defensive legal action. Additionally, if United provided monetary compensation for his seat and he accepted it, which is hearsay, he was no longer entitled to his seat.

    I am disappointed that United has settled with this deplorable individual who has taken advantage of United and possibly set a precedent for more unruly passenger behavior. Granted, the issue surely could have been handled differently; however, United taking the entire blame in a total flipflop demonstrates the company’s greater interest in finances and recovery than providing safety for passengers when crew authority is challenged. I suspect all carriers will be facing less respect and more conflicts now; I hope I am wrong.

    I share these comments as edification and not as a complaint. It is unfortunate that United has suffered a string of media challenges lately; however, when dealing with human resources, it happens.