Depression Is An Allergic Reaction To Inflammation

(Editor’s Note: Our bodies are fascinating. Read this story for more proof!)

There is new research which shows that many cases of depression are actually caused by an allergic reaction to inflammation (if you are gluten sensitive I bet you know all about the depression and brain fog experienced after inflammation due to wheat exposure). In an article from PBS, Tim de Chant wrote, “Inflammation is our immune system’s natural response to injuries, infections, or foreign compounds. When triggered, the body pumps various cells and proteins to the site through the blood stream, including cytokines, a class of proteins that facilitate intercellular communication.  It also happens that people suffering from depression are loaded with cytokines.”

Researchers now want to treat the inflammatory symptoms of depression, rather than the neurological ones. So far, the few clinical trials that have been done have found that adding anti-inflammatory medicines to antidepressants not only improves symptoms, but it also increases the proportion of people who respond to treatment (more trials will be needed to confirm this). But, what about food? There is also evidence which suggests that omega 3 and curcumin, an extract of turmeric, might have similar effects. It would seem to me that understanding inflammation to be causal in depression would send doctors toward food education, but baby steps I suppose. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

From the Feel Guide article:

“Eleanor Morgan of VICE adds: “Cytokines skyrocket during depressive episodes and, in those with bipolar disorder, halt in remission. The fact that ‘normal,’ healthy people can become temporarily anxious or depressed after receiving an inflammatory vaccine — like typhoid — lends further credence to the theory.”

If the inflammation-depression theory is correct, we should be able to manage or even “cure” depression. Doctors would simply put patients on a diet of anti-inflammatory foods and monitor them but then, personal responsibility would need to become more popular. Currently, popping a pill is much easier and convenient. However, there are some out there who are ready and willing to take control of their lives. If eating healthier would help with symptoms of depression, would you change your lifestyle? I wasn’t suffering from depression but rather a host of other issues, and I did. If you’d like help doing that as well, click here for info on my journey.

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