On Tuesday, Nestle- the world’s largest packaged food company- announced their plan to buy the Canadian vitamins and supplements group, Atrium Innovations (their biggest line is GARDEN OF LIFE). Atrium Innovations’ president and CEO, Peter Luther, said the merger will give Atrium “the resources to accelerate the growth of our brands and reach more people globally.”1

Nestle is known for what many say are absolute violations of human rights: pushing baby formula over breast milk in low-income cities and countries, plus their many water scandals which continue to this day.

“Nestle said Atrium Innovations – which owns brands including Garden of Life, Pure Encapsulations, and Klean Athlete – is expected to generate sales of US$700m in 2017.” 2

This strategic move began in June when the world’s largest food maker set its sights on capital spending on four food and drink categories as well as looking for “growth opportunities in consumer healthcare”.3 (A frightening thought for healthy food and activists around the world who have boycotted NESTLE for decades for their unethical, immoral behavior.)

Atrium Innovations will become part of Nestle’s “Health Science” operations. Speaking on behalf of the water thieves, the CEO of Nestle Health Science, Greg Behar, said: “Their brands are a natural complement to our Consumer Care portfolio, which offers nutritional solutions in the areas of healthy aging, healthy growing, gut health and obesity care. Atrium’s portfolio will extend our product range with value-added solutions such as probiotics, plant-based protein nutrition, meal replacements and an extensive multivitamin line, enabling consumers to address their health and wellness goals.”4

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