We were fortunate enough to meet Polly Tommey when Vaxxed premiered in Orlando. Check out her interview here with an NICU nurse who retired early rather than continue to vaccinate tiny (including micro) preemies. After everything she learned and all she shared with her department, doctors ignored her concerns and the science and she just couldn’t continue.

This video is particularly important to me because my editor had a baby girl 3 months early and they vaccinated her when she was only 35 weeks old (she still wasn’t even gestationally full term at that point). At the time, my editor and her husband didn’t know any better. Their daughter had immune system issues for the first 7 years of her life but thankfully they found a doctor who detoxed her and she’s not been sick since. Sadly, not all babies are this lucky, and they deserve better.

Then, in the below video, watch as Info Wars interviews another nurse, Michelle Rowton from Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccinations.

Kudos to these woman for refusing to be a part of the broken vaccination system.

Source: Youtube