This is just the beginning, guys. I imagine that soon any sites sharing an alternative view, other than what the mainstream shares, will be strangled by YouTube. (But let’s hope not.)

According to Yahoo! News, YouTube is “revamping the way its search algorithm picks videos to display on the site” 1 after a number of “conspiracy theory videos” about Sunday’s Las Vegas shooting got mass views. Yahoo called the videos claiming there were multiple shooters, that the shooting was a false flag attack, and other theories, false and fake videos on their page.

“YouTube, which is owned by Google, is changing the algorithm that determines the most relevant videos, a source familiar with the matter told Business Insider. Although the change to the search algorithm was already in the works, YouTube decided to roll it out sooner in response to criticism of the way it handled results when users searched for ‘Las Vegas Shooting’.”2

Are there crazy things on YouTube? Sure! But for them to censor in this way is beyond the pale.

But whatever immediate steps they have taken are working:

“Now a search for ‘Stephen Paddock’ on YouTube shows results from news outlets like the BBC, USA Today, and NBC News on top. You have to scroll down to the 28th result for a conspiracy video connecting Paddock to anti-facist groups.

However, once you watch one conspiracy video, YouTube still recommends other conspiracy videos, though there are some established new sources mixed in.” 3

That’s right. NBC apparently has the market on truth cornered.

What is still unknown is exactly how YouTube’s algorithm will allow it to differentiate authoritative news videos from “conspiracy theory videos”. We shall see.

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